I couldn’t think of anything today so I thought I would share a poem I found called DOLDRUMS OF TANTRUMS BY THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

The moon has spilled all
its star dust on the ground.
The left side of the world
says boo hoo too long.
I say to myself whats
the use of bothering.

All trees have become
allergic to their leaves.
The left side of the forest
can’t stop spitting bark.
I say to myself all that
is just a bunch of noise.

The brass band has
broken all of their trumpets.
The left side of the cafe
all punch the air with care.
I say to myself you can’t
sweep up life ain’t fair.

The bombs have all gone to
bed except for one you know.
The left side of the shelter sit
to stomp their feet on the floor.
I say to myself this is where
action is flickering in fiction.

I’m stuck in my far right
corner feeling numb.
It’s not at all my fight
but I am NOT dumb.
A tramp of inflammation
retreats in my lungs.




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The sweat poured down her back in a RIVULET of saltiness. The sun rode the sky high now, a sea of angry red fire.

“Only two more hours of this crap”, she thought to herself. Only two more hours and then she could immerse herself in the man-made air conditioning.

She plunged her hands into the plant to retrieve the tangy fruit it yielded. The leaves scratched her weathered fingers for the umpteenth time she winced at the stabbing pain.

That didn’t help because the droplet of sweat that hovered just above her eyebrow rolled right into her cornea stinging the bejesus out of it. Which caused her eyes to water even more.

Now she had muddy streaks of tears rolling down her face and even more, sweat dripping down her face. “Hell can’t get much worse than this,” she thought as she finally located the sweet red fruit and pulled it off the vine.

she tossed it into the bucket and finally slowly and carefully used the inside of her flannel shirt to wipe her face. She never used to understand why she had to wear long sleeves in such scorching heat but the first time she wore a short sleeve shirt she ended the day with horrible itchy scratches all over her arms. Still carrying traces of said scratches she ached for some ointment or even a cold glass of iced tea.

Face clear as she could get it, for now, she moved her attention back to the task at hand. She grabbed the crate by each handle and scooted on her knees to the next bush. Through the hard-packed earth that had not seen rain in days, Now giant globs of what almost seems to be stone instead of just a clump of dirt. Her knees where surly cut and bleeding by now.

She repeated the previous step as she jammed her fingers into the bush to pull out the juicy red fruit once again. There were significantly more on this vine and as she pulled them off and began tossing them in her bucket her stomach began to growl.

Realizing she probably missed lunch judging by where the scorching sun was now located she grabbed up a nice fat extra red ripe one and stuffed one end into her mouth. It was instant ecstasy. The red fruit was sweet yet tangy the juices mixed with tiny tons of little seeds dribbled down her chin as she devoured the entire thing in a couple of bites.

Now sticky she didn’t care as she smiled at the seemingly endless row ahead. Revitalized, from the nourishment it provided, giving her the strength to continue she whispered, “who knew tomato picking could be so much fun!”


The most NOTABLE thing about me depends on who you ask.

To the world I am a servant. Serving my husband, my kids, everyone but myself.

To them I am a maid, cleaning up after everyone else’s messes. Leaving no time for my own messes.

To them I am a chef. Always having to figure out what’s for dinner? Meanwhile, no one ever cooks for me.

I am also a taxi, carting one or the other to and fro. Never seeing a dime of that fare.

To them I am a toy. Only to be taken out and played with at his discretion. Only there for his pleasure.

To the world my most Notable quality is my ability to disappear. To be seen and not heard, I think that’s their motto.

All because, I am just a woman!

But, if you ask me what is most NOTABLE about me. Then I will tell you.

It is the quick wit of my mind, yes I have one of those.

It is the curve of my spine, the softness of my lips, the power I wield at the juncture of my thighs.

It is the love and kindness I show in the face of bigotry.

It is the strength I posses to hold my family together.

It is in the way I walk strong and true. With purpose and pride.

It is in the way I balance all the balls I have juggling in the air at any given time.

It is the ability I have to never disappear… For I am a woman!

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Here’s the thing. I had nothing and I mean nothing for today’s daily prompt word. When I think of the word BESTOW. All I can conjure in my mind is knights, swords and honor. I was going to add a poem I found with the word of the day in it but then something extraordinary happened. It was just a little thing but extraordinary to me, none the less.

I went to the gas station this morning as I do every morning before work to get a drink and a breakfast sandwich. They have the best breakfast sandwiches, save for McDonald’s, of course.

Anyway, I went in got my usual fountain drink walked to the front to get my sandwich all the while contemplating my long day ahead of answering phones.

I got in line to pay. I was behind a man and two older ladies. The man had just a drink and the ladies both had large coffee. The man went to pay and said, “Throw their coffee on too. I will pay for it” taken aback the ladies excitedly thanked the young man and one even hugged him. He smiled and left. Then one of the ladies turned to me and said, “well here. I am paying it forward.”

She payed for my drink and sandwich. I thanked her as she left stunned into silence and as the cashier handed me the change I left it there on the counter for the next person. As I looked around everyone left in the store was now smiling. Apparantly, paying it forward is infectious.

This was like winning the lottery for me. For someone that seems to never catch a break. Yes, it may have been something small but it made my day.

In a world gone mad with greed and selfishness it was nice to see someone BESTOW kindness upon someone else.

Maybe there is hope for humanity aftet all.

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She must have been a little to VAGUE in her request for death. Technically she did die but the EMT’S sure knew what they were doing and brought her back.

Now she walks around life dead inside but not on the outside. A ghost of shell of who she once was.

She prayed for death long before it came to her and she laughs at the irony that she is still here.

All twisted up inside amd craving death’ s sweet embrace more than ever. He is a fucking tease.

They say near death experiences change you for the better but all she felt was an empty hole where her soul once resided.

To chicken to do herself in for good. She waits with bated breath until death comes knocking again…

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