I can feel his imminent embrace. Coiling around me an adder ready to strike.

He comes to me in my dreams, lulling me into a forever sleep.

During my waking hours, he whispers sweet nothings, begging me to join him in his world.

I have felt his cold skeletal touch many a time, but I fear this time he will truly snatch me away from my reality.

He makes promises of no more pain, no more suffering, I can feel my resolve to simply exist weakening.

He has slowly, over time lowered my defenses, I am getting weaker by the second.

I know he is just biding his time, till he can come and collect my soul.

I grow tired of this constant battle, this war I know I will never win.

for, in the end, DEATH comes for us all.



The night calls to me with her alabaster moon. I flit and I fly but my tiny fairy wings can never reach that high.

The man in the moon mocks me with his never-ending smile. I wish I could dance with him as the stars do if only for a little while.

Maybe one day when he dips down into the sea, I can hitch a ride and wait to rise and be who I was meant to be.

To dance and play among the clouds while the rest of the world falls away, I will live among the stars forever and a day.

I can’t wait til it’s just me against the world, forever a fixture in the constellations of life. Screenshot_2017-08-28-20-50-31


Her eyes were the color of passion, Yet he didn’t seem to notice when the light dimmed and the passion faded.

He used to say her hair had captured the sunshine it would gleam from all of its perfection, Yet he never really seemed to notice the moment it began to gray.

Her smile used to enrapture him and capture the world, Yet he didn’t seem to notice when it slipped away, replaced with a permanent frown.

Once upon a time she dreamed and she dreamed big, Yet he didn’t seem to notice when her dreams became nightmares, always out of reach.

She never used to cry because she was filled with joy and love, Yet he didn’t seem to notice when her constant tears stained the marital bed.

She was happy and content the day they said I do, Yet he didn’t seem to notice the moment her heart was broken in two.

She was too busy doing her duty as a wife, a mother, a lover, to really see what she had lost, Yet he never seemed to notice she had become nothing more than a maid, a babysitter, his whore.

With all the things he had forgotten to see, is it really such a surprise, he never noticed when she was gone.








The dewdrops fall like midnight rain,

As I step deeper into the woods with nothing but a flimsy nightgown to protect me from the elements.

The fog rolls in thickening to a soupy consistency,

I realize I have had this dream before, or rather a nightmare.

As I throw caution to the wind and all but disappear in the foggy mist guided only by the pale moonlight.

I for the first time in my life,  am not afraid.

There are no demons from a past long forgotten surrounding me.

There is only peace and my soul rejoices that for once it is just me standing in the nightmare of what once was. Enjoying a late night stroll as it should be.

I am alone with my thoughts, that once upon a time were so chaotic, I knew one day they would drive me mad.

Sticks and stones penetrate my fragile feet,  as I walk barefoot through the forest yet I don’t feel a thing.

My soul has been released and I become lighter than air the darkness can no longer touch me. I am filled with my very own light.

I exude its blinding brightness and once again I rejoice in the knowledge that I am free.

Free of my worst nightmares. I faced them head on and they didn’t break me. They strengthened me. I gobbled them up in the darkness of what once was my soul.

I could feel them weakening as I grew stronger. Now, I am unstoppable, here in the dark, I can finally see the light.

My light, and it is beautiful.







I am on the cusp of… something!

Greatness, Madness, it’s to early to tell!

Whatever it is I can feel it coming,

I can feel it in my bones as if a change in the weather.

My skin is itchy with the anticipation that,

I am on the cusp of…something.

My heart thunders in my ears,

my breathing now quickened.

My thoughts are clawing at my brain and I know,

I am on the cusp of…something!

Something, I don’t yet know,

will it bring about the end of me or will I simply go on!

Will I struggle to keep what sanity I have left,

or will all my dreams finally be fulfilled?

My nails are bitten down to the quick, my nerves are on end, I wait with bated breath,

for I know I am on the cusp of…something!


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My soul is scorched, my heart is burning.

You came to me with your pretty lies and I ate them up, starved for affection.

You promised me the moon, but all I really received was a tainted love and a bruised mind.

Your promises of love and forever quickly turned to cinders in the smokey remains of once was.

Remnants of our shattered love still float by, burnt embers on the stilted breeze.

Ashes to ashes dust to dust our relationship has returned to the ground from which it came.

No more crying, no more dying, just a scorched soul and a broken heart.





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Terror sets in as my memories have begun to fade to black.

Fade into nothingness or like the discoloring of wallpaper  in an aged home.

I can feel them slipping out one by one. As if the earth’s gravitational pull is slowly yanking them out.

It started out unperceivable to me. A thief in the night stealing those memories I wouldn’t miss. Such as, what I had for dinner yesterday!

Now though as I get older these memories are fading more swiftly capturing more notable memories like the day I met my first love. Or the scent of my husband the day he proposed.

I know to most, the scent of your love doesn’t matter, yet, is it an omen of things to come. More memories lost.

The love I carry deep in my soul for my children. The way my husband gazes at me as if I am the only thing in this crazy world that matters.

The way I feel when I see a sunset. Or the lightness I feel dancing under a full moon on a hot summer night.

When will these memories fade? When will I be nothing more than an empty shell of the person I once was.

Our memories are what keeps us going. Keep us human. Without that! What will I become? I can already see the empty holes of memories lost now cluttering my mind. How long before the swiss cheese of my mind becomes just empty space?

How long before the sunsets turn gray because I can no longer remember their color?

How long before the love I spout to my husband and children turn to ashes in my mouth?

How long before I look in the mirror and see only a stranger staring back at me?

I hold on tight to the memories I have left. I keep them locked away in my secret vault. Terrified of the day those memories too, begin to fade…