If the debt that all men pay is death. Then I say obsession is a sort of living death. The definition of obsession is very limited when you google it. What google failed to elaborate on is the toll a true obsession can take on you mind, body and soul.

Which brings me to the point of this blog today. Oak Island. If you haven’t heard of it then kudos to you. Because once you do I am warning you now, there is no going back. It is a small island off the cost of Nova Scotia that has spun tales of lost treasure that could be historical or mythical for over the past two hundred years.

Men have died trying to find lost treasure. Men have gone bankrupt trying to find lost treasure. Men have spent the entirety of their lives searching for lost treasure. With noone ever finding any real proof that any if not all of the many legends surrounding this island is true. I gotta ask, who would do such a thing?

These stories are so fantastical that you gotta wonder are they true? These stories run anywhere from lost pirate treasure, spanish gold hidden for safe keeping and even the lost ark of the covenant hidden by the Templar Knights. Even more current that a curse was placed on the island. It is said that seven men must die before the island will reveal its many secrets, and over the past two hundred plus years six have indeed lost their lives. Silly superstition or a real live curse?

Right now I am watching a show called The Curse of Oak Island. There are two brothers that have invested their time and money into once and for all discovering the secrets this island holds. You might say they are obsessed. I find it fascinating that fifty years ago the oldest brother at eleven years old read and article in Reader’s Digest about the island and what possible secrets she holds and with that five page article an obsession was born. All I can think is I want to be that writer. The writer that inspired not one but several men to give up everything even their own life if need be in pursuit of that ultimate prize.

I myself have become obsessed with this show. I am no longer watching a movie of made up treasure. I am watching these men devote everything they have to finding the truth. In my time our history. I have learned more about the past just by watching this show than I ever remembered in school. Yes, I want them to find this treasure, yes I want to watch as they uncover centuries worth of history and in doing so possibly change history forever.

I watch with bated breath as these guys risk it all to try to uncover a sliver of proof. That the wild myths of Oak Island are not just myths but actual fact. I am there with them silently as they dig to uncover not just treasure but a piece of history. I have to wonder what will they unearth. Is it the scrolls of one of the most brilliant men in the past or is it the so called mythical ark of the covenant so many have coveted and fought over?

I watched an episode last night a man speaks of possibly finding gold or even something of even more significance. Another guy said, what’s more important than gold?” Because of this show I realize there are two types of people in this world those that seek the almighty treasure and those that seek the truth about humanities past. I never thought of it but I know I fall into the latter category.

I have been on a quest of my own if you will, and thanks to this show alot more questions have come up that add to that ultimate question where do we come from? I am puzzled at the brothers go for broke mentality, but what if they can give us some long awaited answer to our past. Isn’t that worth more than gold? I say knowledge is priceless. If we know where we came from we can know where we are going and we can strive to not let history repeat itself.

We need information as much as the gold and I for one am impressed that these guys are taking that chance. I am there with them in spirit even if I can never get there in reality. I hope for them, me, all of us that they find what in our heart of hearts all of us are looking for. Answers. If you haven’t checked it out. It is on the history channel. Get the app now.



I have a confession to make, I am a lefty! Now I am sure you all have heard the little saying that lefties are the only people in their right mind. While this gave me comfort when I was younger it didn’t stop the barrage of comments that were at times hurtful. I was a nobody in school, I had no friends, I had a bad home life and so it made me a little socially awkward, and being a left-handed person didn’t help matters either.

Nevermind that it had been scientifically proven that left-handers use the right, more creative side of their brain. More of a free thinker if you will. I was still considered the oddball. I was born in the 70’s raised through the 80’s and by the time the mid 90’s hit I was a young adult and graduating high school. Now, this may not seem like a time where people were made fun of for just using their left hand but it was. I was traumatized!

I remember once I was a junior in high school we had a sub in science class, one of my classmate’s father no less, and a preacher to boot. We had this man as our sub for several weeks and  I just happened to sit right in front of his desk. After several days he noticed I was writing with my left hand and actually asked me in all seriousness if I were in some sort of accident that made me this way or was I born this way. Up until then I had actually blown off most of what kids would tease me about but this, coming from an adult, and a preacher no less. It got to me. You see until this moment I just thought kids could be cruel in what they say. Just because you are a little different. However, with this grown man asking me this one single question. The seed of doubt was planted and I began to think maybe there was something wrong with me because I had the nerve to go against the grain so to speak and write with my left hand.

He was not the only teacher that asked me these kinds of ridiculous questions and they all did it in a way that made the entire class sit up and take notice of the left-handed freak. Not good,  when I had been trying to be invisible for the entirety of my school career. As I grew up I realized these people are morons. Even my own mother told me later that when I began learning to write she would swat my hand to try and correct such a deformity, and yet here I am today, left-handed warts and all. Apparently, back in her day, it was a sign that your child was not all there upstairs if they were left-handed. Whatever. I guess she just didn’t want anyone to know about her mentally challenged daughter. Yeah right, “I’m the one that is mentally challenged!”

I stopped caring what others thought of my left-handedness years ago until today that is. I got a taste of the past. You see I have noticed over the years there are a lot of things in this world tailored to right-handed people. Like Golfing, you have to get a special club just to be able to hit a damned ball just over the size of a prune, really. Then there is the bane of my existence the left-handed scissors. I have to have special scissors just to cut a piece of paper. I find it ironic that I was so horribly teased in my first years of school that I made myself learn to use the regular ones, with my right hand I might add. It is one of the very few things only my right hand can do that my left one can’t to this day. I have worked in call centers for most of the past fifteen years, and while there is the dredge of going into your little cubicle every day (just like in a movie). I happen to like it except for one little thing. Every call center I have worked at you use your right hand to work the mouse. While I have grown accustomed to this over time. I now have horrific bouts of arthritis running from the tips of my fingers to just above my elbow. Some days I can’t even lift an empty cup without excruciating pain.

So today I asked my manager if I could get a left-handed mouse for the computer. I know they are out there. She looked at me in horrified shock and asked,”You’re left-handed?” Then proceeded to tell me I would need to get a Doctor’s note in order to get a mouse for my left hand. Really? I don’t know what pissed me off the most the look of utter shock or the whole Dr’s note thing. I mean really we are in 2018. It is not as if I have a flesh-eating virus or something. Yet, this is how she chose to look at me. Wow! Some old feelings stirred for about half a second before I counted to 10 in my head and plastered on a smile I didn’t feel and said, “Okay I’ll look into it.” It just goes to show how much I have grown in the face of such clear stupidity.

I think it is funny that right after high school I saw a bumper sticker that actually read, “lefty’s have rights too”  I loved it and have never been able to find it since then, but it is emblazoned in my mind forever. I will one day have that very same sticker plastered on the back of my car and I will wear it proudly. Remeber without lefties their wouldn’t be such greats as Baseball legends like Lou Gehrig, Joe Jackson, Babe Ruth! Or such phenomenal artists,  as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, or Pablo Picasso. Or such brilliant minds as Marie Curie, Aristotle, or Jimi Hendrix.  These names are synonymous with greatness in human history. These great minds, all used the right side of their brains and while being a lefty is not all that common what few of us there are tend to do brilliant things and become legends of history. I am proud to have something in common with such greatness.

So before you mock a lefty remember he or she may one day rule the world. Because we may be few in numbers but we are a fortress of strong minds.