DOORS! Imagine if you will  a door that is locked from the inside and from the start you must know what is in the room beyond that door! This door leads to an attic than no matter what you try to do cannot get that damned door open!

I had a dream once, looking back on it now I see it was a precursor of sorts. Or a warning trying to give me a heads up for things to come that my mind wasn’t ready for! I dreamed this dream every night for the better part of six months and each time my only challenge… to get that damned door open! I wanted no needed to get inside that door because I just knew my life depended on it! This dream literally drove me to the brink of insanity in my waking hours as well as my dreams. I was terrified of going to sleep because I knew every time  I closed my eyes I would be right back at that door with no way to open it…

I did a blog on this through one of my WordPress classes I took! We had to pick one of four pictures to write a blog about! The one I picked was  a window in an attic! It was the best picture to choose from as it was the best one to describe my mood while being hurled back to the memory of that dream and the wretched door. I will post the link for you below and enjoy this sick story of mine. I hope you enjoy reading it more than I enjoyed the experience!




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“You have been my very favorite companion these last hundred years Ana,” Dimitri said as he drew in a shuttered breath! “I will miss you most of all!” He whispered. He watched as one lone blood tear tracked down her face! She grasped his hand and held on for all she was worth. He didn’t have the heart to tell her she was crushing his hand as his strength diminished by the second! 

“I will never forget you my love, my mentor, my father” she whispered. Her breath quickened as his labored ones began to slow! How was she going to survive without him! She  knew in this moment the only thing on her mind other than sorrow was revenge. He knew too for as cloudy as his once pale blue eyes were she saw the knowledge in them only he could possess! He was her maker! She didn’t even know Dimitri could die! The oldest living Vampire that she knew of and now the once impossibly imposing man was fading right in front of her face from poison!

She released his hand and rose to begin fluffing his pillow. As the tears began to flow freely she knew her dress was ruined. With the last vestige of strength he had, he pulled her back down and began to wipe away the red smudges from her pale cheeks. “This is it my darling, everything will go to you now. You are now Queen of all that lie before you. No more crying over me. You have work to do! Get the bastard that did this to me and then, then you are free! Free to love free to go about your life, free to do as you will,” he wheezed out. “Dimitri, save your breath, please I am here! I will never leave you” Ana said almost hysterical now in horror at the sight of blood begin to seep from  all of his pores. ” Don’t”, he whispered and swatted her hand away from his face “we don’t know if my blood has been contaminated or not!”

Struggling to obey his soft command Ana shook her head and leaned down to kiss his hand. “Remember I will always be with you and I love you, he choked out as his last breath left him. Ana saw it, the moment the light left his eyes, the moment Dimitri left his body never to return and a white hot fury began to boil inside of her. No more, He was no more and now, now she would lay waste to all that had a hand in hs demise.

She stood and began barking orders to the servants. ” Burn him, and the bed, we can’t risk anyone else getting infected,” she said in a tone gone lethal. As she marched to the war room to begin preparing her Army of Vampires for what was to come next! With sorrow in her heart and malice on her mind, she began to don her armor and ready for the battle that would ensue tonight!

How dare those rabid dogs poison her Dimitri. They would all die tonight! She was going to rain down terror on those beasts while she bathed in their blood. They messed with the wrong companion today. A  small smile slid over her face as her fangs slid out while she walked out the front door to greet her new Army!

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Summer’s they used to be about me going fishing in my daisy dukes! Letting my hair down and allowing the muddy banks squish between my bare feet! Riding around with friends on a starry night with the windows rolled down. In the back of the car feeling the wind sift through my hair and the music roll through my soul.

It was Garth Brooks talking about “FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES” while Brooks and Dunn introduced the world to “BOOT SCOOT AND BOOGIE!” It was about Apple pie and fried Chicken while we washed it down with some cold lemonade or sweet iced tea! Spitting the seeds from our Watermelon in the grass while our faces turned red.

It was about flip flops and homemade swimming pools! It was about leaving your doors unlocked because everyone knew everyone! It was about catfish and bar-b-ques! Catching lightening bugs from dusk till dawn.

While you were sleeping in your bed I was trailing down old dirt roads. Looking for the perfect place to lay my head with only the stars as my blanket and the fire to warm me.

Summer was about bike riding all over town. Tomato picking under the scorching sun. Cooling off in the Ozark River. Drowning my blues with some hooch around a campfire!

This is what Summers were to me growing up and into  adult years! My husband used to say he married me because I was a “Country Girl!” I hated that he said that. To me watching other people struggle on welfare and living in poor conditions myself. I somehow grew up thinking “Country Girl” meant poor white trash! However, I was reminded recently by one certain Luke Bryan with his song called “THAT’S MY KIND OF NIGHT” that “Country Girl” does not mean that!

A “Country Girl” is a Tomboy at heart! No shopping malls for me, just give me a pole and watch me head to the River! A country girl is full of love, is honest and kind! She’s down to earth and unafraid to chip a nail or get her hands dirty! She likes fishing and Bar B Ques! She loves going mudding in the back of the truck while “SWEET HOME ALABAMA” blares in the background urging her on!

Roasting marshmallows and catching fireflies with the stars and moon as her night light! She is just living life and loving her God! Tapping her feet to “JOHN DEERE GREEN” and riding that tractor till the wheels fell off! Swimming and Fishing in the very same pond! Dancing in the rain refusing to come in! Rolling around in the mud just cause we can and just don’t care!

Huh! I guess there is not much difference between my Summer days and being a Country Girl after all! Who knew I spent so many summers as a “Country Girl”! You know what I wouldn’t change my firefly chasing, catfish catching, barefoot running days for nothing!

If you don’t spend this summer Camping out under a blanket of stars, Muddin, swimming, and fishing you ain’t livin…

I do miss those daisy dukes though!

Embrace your inner “Country Girl” today!

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Remember how when you were young and started high school. People would immediately pressure you. What are you going to do when you get out of high school? Are you going to college? Are you going straight into the workforce? What do you want to be or do for the rest of your life? Really! I was still wondering where my first period was {I was a very late bloomer} in 9th grade let alone what I wanted to do with the rest of my life!

Yet, the minute you say I don’t know you want to be what you want to do they describe you as Aimless! Like I just said “hey I want to be a vagabond and just hop aimlessly from one city to the next never taking on responsibilities or be responsible. Or was that just my life…

I can’t even describe the sheer amount of dirty looks I got from adults back then just because I didn’t have everything figured out at 15! I must be crazy right! Now I fear I am doing the exact same thing with my son and It feels dirty. Yet, at the same time he is 17, and going into his senior year of high school! He appears to have no drive whatsoever even to get his driver’s license.

We got him a free car a couple of months ago and I thought maybe he will find his drive now! Ha ha, no pun intended or did I! Yet, here we are a couple of months later and nothing! He has no plans for the future and I am terrified for him. Terrified that he will be… dare I say Aimless forever!

We all get a little Aimless at times where we shirk our responsibilities or at least want to that is what separates the  grown-ups from the children after all! Yet, with no ambition no gumption, I fear for his future! I fear it will cost him greatly when he does get out into the world and it bites him hard. Or maybe that is just the thing he needs to get his ass in gear! Either way, I will love him regardless and vow to never use the word Aimless when it comes to him!

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I love reading! There is just something about the smell of a used book either it be from the library or your own collection that speaks to me. And yes they still have actual libraries where you can go and sit for hours reading! Most of my high school years were spent in the school library! Man, I am such a nerd! I feel you get more out of the experience and my vocabulary is quite extensive. My 9-year-old son has inherited this gene and I love him all the more for it. We go once a week to the public library and I let him have reign over the kids section. He even has his own Library card which he uses to check his own books out. I couldn’t be more proud. He shares my passion for reading and I love him all the more for it.

He and his brother have spent enough time in front a screen whether it be for watching tv or video games or youtube on the computer. When it comes to books though I will not allow them to hold an e-reader and read. Although I have a nook and a Kindle it is not the same as holding the crisp pages in your hand as you step into  another world!The smell is intoxicating and it seeps into your pores the same way the words sink into your soul!  Maybe I am  hypocrite but who cares! I have thousands of books none of which are on a Kindle or Nook!  Yup, that is the thing for me. I think I will go now and curl up with a blanket and a good book!


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Perfection is attainable… for God maybe! As for us humans, it is a bit of a struggle! We wrestle with perfection every day! We strive for that unattainable goal that always seems to be just out of our reach! Why do we continue with the is struggle! Why do we continue to kill ourselves striving for that perfection we seek.

It says in the Bible we were born into sin, we were born to be imperfect so why, fight it. I will tell you why! We are born already programmed to be the best that we can be, and see the best in others. God, knows our imperfections and knows we will never be perfect Yet he loves us anyway!

I say stop trying to be something your not! Celebrate all your imperfections. That is what makes us human after all! Stop trying so hard to win that unattainable goal and just be who you were meant to be…

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I have lived in a lot of places! A lot of cities actually and I realized the other day that I have been all over these cities. Yet the one I have lived in for the past 19 years the one I call home terrifies me! However, I have gone down there with a friend a month or so ago to check out a local writer’s bar. She drove.

This past week though I went and went alone! I drove down into the city by myself even after getting a little lost from a detour due to the only road I know I am safe from getting lost in I still made it there. I did have another friend meet me there that also got lost but eventually found her way.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and after I left the bar panic began to set in. It was dark unlike it was when I got there and I get lost easily! Yet as I chanted to myself just follow the detour back out to the road everything will be all right I began to notice something! Downtown Kansas City Missouri is gorgeous at night! My window rolled down the gentle breeze blowing through my hair, the soft lilting music wafting up to my ears the bright lights and the magical beauty of the fountains… Breathtaking! All I wanted to do was pull over somewhere and take a ton of pictures. Then there was the crossing of the Missouri River  could see miles and miles of the inky black water surrounded by every light imaginable! The blues weren’t just blue they were a kind of soft glowy fair dust blue, the greens weren’t just greens they were  green eyes I imagine of a mythical beast daring me to come a little closer. And the reds, Oh how the red lights shined like a beacon of love guiding me home.

The buildings, let’s not forget the buildings with their soft golden glow. Shimmering against the backdrop of the darkened sky! Appearing as a mirage-making them look more imposing than they are! All heralding me toward my destination!

As I finally emerged from the city and reached my home I realized I was no longer afraid of the big bad city! How could something so beautiful scare me so much that I have never fully experienced it! I made a conscious decision right then and there I would get to know my city better. So what if I get lost a time or two. I have proven I will always find my way home. I just need to listen to the lights and follow the city where she leads me. She will help me get home and if I get lost again I have a pretty view of the city while I find my way!

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