God’s Little Miracles

I went to pick up my son from school one day and I saw the most beautiful fall colors in the trees.Then I thought that is one of God’s easy miracles the beauty in those trees. How do the leaves just know how to change when fall comes. Someone has to teach them how to change with the seasons.
I know it marks the change into winter and the death of those beautiful leaves.They know  they have to die to make way for new growth in the spring. So with one last burst of life they give us such beauty before they fall off the tree to their death. That is why I love fall because all you need to do to believe in God or his miracles. Is look up at the beauty in the red, orange, yellow, and brown hues in the leaves of the fall trees. If you have had a moment of pure clarity like this that you just know God had a hand in. Please comment.


Murphy’s Law Part Deaux

Once again if you didn’t read the first Murphy’s Law blog. It states that nothing is as easy as it looks. Everything takes longer than you expect. And if anything can go wrong – it will! AT THE WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT!  This experience is about my beloved Mercury Mountaineer. I lost my job a few years ago so I cashed out my 401k. My Minivan I was driving was about to crap out so I had some cash and went looking at cars. My husband and I went to a car lot looked around at the stuff in the front and nothing jumped out at me. I told him I wanted my next vehicle to be a Mercury Mountaineer that was Hunter green with a moon roof. I didn’t care about anything else. As soon as I said that I turned around and wouldn’t ya know it there she sat. A Mercury Mountaineer not Hunter green but close enough with yep you guessed it a moon roof. Now it had a price tag on it of $4000.00 dollars. I brokered a deal of $2000.00 with my POS trade in. I was so excited because first off I got exactly what I wanted and it was the first time I did a car deal myself not with my husband’s help. I had some issues with it here and there for some reason always in winter but I loved the SUV. One of the last straws was one very hot July. I went into a department store for maybe thirty minutes. I came out and it wouldn’t start. WTF! With both of my children in tow and everyone I know working. I sat there for about two and a half hours, sweating to death. My husband finally shows up and after a few minutes fiddling with the car he states that it’s the starter. So he takes it to an auto parts store and sure enough the starter was bad. So he brings the new one back very awkwardly gets it on the car as I was parked in front of a curb, and goes to start it and NOTHING! So he fiddles with it some more and comes to the conclusion that it is the alternator. He takes it has it tested and what do you know it is bad too. So after spending well over $200.00 and spending hours in the hot sweltering sun we finally got it running. Is it just my luck that both went out at the exact same moment? Hell no I call it Murphy’s Law. I have since traded that car in but I did get what I put into it, out of it I had it for seven years and only paid $2000.00 for it. Though I loved that SUV and I will miss it dearly, what I
miss the most is that Damned moon roof.

Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s  Law states that nothing is as easy as it looks. Everything takes longer than you expect. And if anything can go wrong – it will. AT THE WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT! Now having said this I can think of several experiences that would be considered Murphy’s Law. The one that comes to mind the most is my driver’s license. I got a ticket a few years ago well two tickets. I was in a wreck that I caused my first one ever, my bad. Anyway I received a reckless driving ticket and another one, for what now I can’t remember. Fast forward four years later I was applying for a job at a company that did a background check. About a month after I filled out all the paperwork I get a very thick envelope in the mail. It was from that company with the details of my background check. It said that they couldn’t hire me because I had an outstanding warrant and my license was suspended. What? Now at this point I am scared to death because I have never been to jail and I don’t want to go, but I did the right thing. I called the courthouse and asked what the hell? They said I had an outstanding parking ticket around thirty dollars. Well one of those tickets from 4 years earlier was for $30.00. I told them I had a receipt for it and everything.They said ” Well it looks like one ticket was overpaid by thirty dollars.” I said ” There you go can you just move that credit over and show it is paid.” Oh no the lady told me their system
would not allow them to move the credit. I had to come turn myself in pay the ticket a second time wait for the paperwork to take to the DMV, and then wait for them to fax the information back to them so I could get my license renewed. WTF! So I did all of this turned myself in, paid it again, and then waited for hours at the DMV to get my license renewed. I had to go through all of this just because some secretary couldn’t be bothered to pay the tickets the way I thought I paid them to begin with FOUR years earlier. They said you will get a check for the credit I had from paying it the first time. (Yeah right!) What really got to me was the fact that I was driving around on a suspended license for 4 years and never knew it. I could still be if it hadn’t been for that background check. Since I never received anything in the mail about this situation. Not the Courthouse, the DMV nothing. I think this qualifies as MURPHY’S LAW!!!!!!!!!!  I am still waiting on my refund. HAHA!

The Friend

Have you ever thought was I switched at birth or what? I used to think that daily! I used to imagine that my real parents would come knocking on our trailer door ( yes that’s right I said trailer) and they would be wealthy, beautiful, nice people and they would say,  “I’m sorry to bother you but you have our daughter and we have yours let’s switch”. You know if I didn’t look so much like my mother and my father I would have seriously looked into that. I am night and day different from either of my parents. Where my father is a wanderer and kinda flaky. ( He is after all on wife number 4!) I am stable and secure emotionally and physically. Where my mother is bat shit crazy and mean as a snake! I am kind, loving, and very logical especially with my children ( unlike my mother). See completely different! You know the old saying, “You can’t pick your family”, well as that is very true. You can’t pick your blood family.
I truly believe you can create a family that is better than blood could ever be. I mean someone that comes into your life that you just know you were meant to be related. My best friend, for instance, we met about 10 years ago, and every day I think to myself this is truly my sister from another mother (and father)! Nevertheless, she is my sister at heart. We have so much in common it’s scary! It is like we have walked almost the same path in life. Sometimes when we talk about how parallel our lives have been we know we were fated to meet. It was destiny. Like all of my life, the Universe has been playing this cosmic joke on me regarding the parents I have. Then suddenly it righted itself when I met her. A best friend is someone you trust implicitly, and can count on when the chips are down. Someone who has  seen you at your worst and is still willing to call you friend. Someone who inspires you to follow your dreams. Someone who offers you a shoulder to cry on and offers you a tissue to blow your nose with while you do it. Someone who is willing to go that extra mile just because you asked them to. Someone who is willing to kick some ass with you even if it means spending a night in jail along side you. Ha ha! That last one is a joke. For the  first time in a long time, I woke up this morning with a fire in my belly about my writing. I owe it all to her she is the only person in all my thirty-something years who has encouraged me to follow my dreams and pursue my writing. I love her for that. Thank you, friend, for being in my life and loving me for me not wanting me to change in any way. We are truly sisters for life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/handwritten/”>Handwritten</a&gt;