12055149_1045515625472750_1797527567_o (1)When I was 12 years old I spent an entire summer in Miami Florida. My dad lived there for work and since he and my mother were divorced when I was four I tended to spend my summers with my dad. Which was a break from the hell of my home life!  My dad had a job where he travelled and just about every summer I spent with him was in a different and awesome place. 

This was the first summer I can remember going to stay with him and maybe that is why it sticks with me, or maybe because it was one of the greatest summers I have ever had. I was raised in a small town in Arkansas that no one outside a hundred- mile radius from the town had ever heard of. So when I got my first glimpse of a huge city like Miami, WOW! 

  Before we got to the tiny apartment where my dad was staying, we went to WALT DISNEY WORLD, in ORLANDO, and that was an amazing day, that was the start of my amazing summer. I even got a kiss on the cheek from the head cheese herself MINNIE MOUSE ( see what I did there haha). 

We finally get to the apartment and literally across the street from my dad’s front door was the amazing ATLANTIC OCEAN. I can still smell the salty sea air as I woke up in the mornings in this tropical paradise. On a clear day, you could even see the parts of the tiny islands that make up the BAHAMAS! 


     It was so incredible I don’t think I can even come up with the words to describe how awesome that summer was. My dad’s apartment was also located on the same strip in MIAMI, that the very popular show MIAMI VICE showed in the opening credits. Crazy, I know, but it is true. 

I also made a trip to the EVERGLADES which was not  too  far off and I even got to see a guy wrestle a real live Alligator. The best part of that day was when we went on a boat in the water, the guides threw hunks of meat the size of my head to the gators and they would come right up to our feet on the huge fan boat we were on to catch the meat in their mighty jaws . Incredible even though I was a bit scared that they would mistake me for a meal. 

That was the summer I ate not only the very best pizza I have ever had but the best Mexican food I have ever eaten in my life. The pizza place was this little hole in the wall pizza joint walking distance from my dad’s apartment. It was owned by an older real life SICILIAN. He had a PARROT  in the doorway that insulted you on the way in and on the way out. I thought it was funny at the time, but now realize it may have been a health code violation, but DAMN that Pizza was good. 

The Mexican restaurant was on the other end of MIAMI, the only way to get there was through a tunnel that actually ran underneath the ocean you could drive right through it, unbelievable. I probably would have enjoyed, it more if I wasn’t so scared the tunnel would collapse and drown us all where we sat in the car. The restaurant sat on a cliff overlooking the ocean with floor to ceiling windows, It was one hell of a view and even at twelve I appreciated every moment of it. These restaurants must have been great if they imprinted in my memory and still to this day I dream of them twenty-seven years late. 

That is also the summer we drove to FT LAUDERDALE  not  too far north and went to the biggest drive-in I have ever seen. With at least twenty screens, it was awesome we went and saw BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II. I will never forget when I saw TO BE CONTINUED, on the big screen at the end of the movie, knowing right then, there would be a part III. 

Of all the things, I saw that summer the best thing I took away from it was the sheer amount of diverse cultures there were right there in one city MIAMI. I even met and befriended a little GERMAN boy, we didn’t understand each other all the time, but it was one hell of an educational experience for me. There were so many different cultures either on vacation  or there trying to start their own pizza empire or there for a new job it was amazing to see so many different people come together to dwell in harmony, even now it warms my heart to know we could all just get along no matter our background, maybe it’s the warm sunshine that keeps them happy all year. 

 Man it is amazing the things we remember in detail, either way it was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life, until the summer of CHICAGO, that is, but that is a story for another time. 





I have no idea! There are way to many variables like:

Will I retain all of my adult memories?

Will I be reverted back to the time when I was six years old?

Can I pick and choose my family?

There are just to many variables to answer this one.

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I played a game on face book that said what country should you have been born in? I was curious so I played it and low and behold it said I should have been born in Italy. Which is amazing because one of the places on my bucket list to go is Tuscany, which is in you guessed it Italy. I love Italy, who wouldn’t? I mean look at the picture above I mean it is breathtaking. Not to mention the culture and the history of Italy that is astounding. 

Did you know that with 49, Italy has the single largest number of WORLD HERITAGE SITES. That is amazing! There is the LEANING TOWER OF PISA, which everyone knows what that is, and then there is the SISTINE CHAPEL, the COLOSSEUM OF ROME, and the ST. MARKS BASILICA in VENICE, and many more.

I intend to see all of them one day,  I just hope I am not to old and decrepit to enjoy it. Then there is the food the pasta and the cheeses, OMG! I am getting hungry just thinking of all the pastas, breads, and cheeses, I could be eating right now. I love the movie UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN. Simply for the spectacular views and the amazing food in it. 

I have always wanted to learn ITALIAN, but have never got around to it, it is a very sexy language and I just realized it is never to late to start a new language. Let’s not forget the WINE, I would love to go touring the wine country and just hop from one Vineyard to the next it would take about a year for me to just simply relax, and just be drunk off the Wine Italy has to offer. To watch the grapes get mashed up, I always picture people dancing around in a big vat of purple liquid that would taste so good going down with some fresh goat cheese. 

To be able to just float around Venice, under the moonlight on a Gondola while a man dressed like a mime softly sings That’s Amore, there is not enough hours in the day to imagine the beauty and the wonder I would see. 

Not to mention that when seen from outer space the whole country looks like a dressy thigh high boot. That just give the whole country sex appeal. 

Maybe someday I will be able to visit, all my life I have wanted to visit AUSTRALIA because of it’s unique origins, however my tastes must be maturing because I now hear the call of  the centuries old heritage of ITALY, and all the beauty it holds.. Or it could just be the wine, Haha!.


If I discovered overnight that I had gained 50,000 blog subscribers. I would be so excited because that would mean that I was right to post blogs based on my life and experiences and real stuff is what people want to hear about. Not what Kardashian is doing now and why? Who cares? It seems that social media has not only given us an opportunity to r
each more people but also gives you all the fluff that no one cares about. I want my blog to be about real people and real things that happen every day of the week. I would hope that speaks to people on a human level, and people get it. I would be so ecstatic  about having that many blog followers. Hell I am excited about the twenty seven I have now. I could not ask for more, as long as someone gets something out of it, it doesn’t matter if I have one or a million blog followers. I have already won.




Do I believe in soul mates. Absolutely. I am going to tell you a true story about how I met my husband, before I met my husband. You may not believe this story but I swear it is all true. I actually had a dream about him even though, in the dream I never even saw his face. Here is what happened.

I dreamed I was in the desert, I’m talking sand and nothing else as far as the eye could see. There was just me, the sand, and the scorching sun. Suddenly there was a Scorpion in the distance it looked scary but I was not afraid. It crept closer to me and as it got right at my feet it turned into a man. Although his face was blocked by the sweltering sun, I knew down to the marrow of my bones this was the man I was meant to be with. Then I woke up.

Years later after we had met and were engaged. I prayed daily as the wedding got closer for God to give me a sign I was doing the right thing. Due to my parents having serial marriages and divorces, I think I had some issues in this department. I only wanted to do it once and as someone who does believe that there is one special person for everyone. I needed a sign.

As I was for the umpteenth time silently asking God for a sign, I look up and it was as if the clouds parted and there like a bright shining star was my sign. My soon to be husband was wearing a white tank, and I  really noticed for the first time  the tattoo on his upper arm. It was the exact same scorpion from my dream. Almost three years earlier, and almost two months before I even met him.

We got to talking about it and it turns out he got the tattoo on the same night I had this dream. Freaky right. I think it was God’s way of easing my mind, about my future nuptials even before I met my husband. I hadn’t even remembered that dream until that moment and it all came rushing back to me as if it had, just happened.

We have been together for eighteen years now and it is like we are newlyweds still. So yes I totally believe in soul mates he is definitely the only one for me.

I also believe that friends can be soul mates. My best friend is totally my soul mate, not romantically of course, but someone I was destined to meet. She is five years younger than me but it is like we have lived much of the same life. Hers was just five years later.

We have so much in common. that when we start taking about how parallel our lives have been, I get goose bumps on my arms. Our husband’s have the same names, both sets of our kids are only six months apart, and much much more.

I totally believe God puts people in our path for a reason and these two people were so meant to be in my life. They make my life so much more richer and better than I thought it would be.  Til death parts us.

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                                                   WHEN CHILDHOOD ENDS


As my childhood was fraught with “instances”.

The list is to long to write in one sitting. If you would like to know more about my “instances” all you need to do is read any of my blogs tagged personal.

There is always more to come.

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           TELL US ABOUT A TIME YOU RESPONDED TO AN ACT OF KINDNESS                                                          WITH ONE OF YOUR OWN.

I live in America where most people I know struggle to pay their bills. Keeping a roof over their head,  keeping it cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. I don’t know about you but for most of us it is a real struggle. Not to mention the grocery bill. I will have to admit what with paying all the other bills, there have been times when there was nothing left for food. On occasion I have went to food pantry up the street at the local church for food.

It has been kind of embarrassing to have to resort to that, but the people at the church met me with such kindness in their eyes, it almost made me want to cry. No judgement whatsoever. It is nice that when you are down on your luck there is someone in the community that can help you. This particular food pantry doesn’t have much, but what they do have they give freely, and with open arms.

I had a friend that was really down on her luck at a time when I was doing well. I opened my cabinets to her and told her to take what she needed, I had just bought about a month’s worth of groceries and anything I could do to help I am sure was appreciated.

We are now back to struggling although not so bad that we need to go to the pantry, but I will always remember the kindness in their eyes and the love and support I felt, and the joy in my friend’s eyes when she realized she could feed her kids that night. We need more of our communities to get involved with feeding the hungry it needs to start in our neighborhood, who knows, your next door neighbor could be struggling to put food on the table.

If I won the lottery or I came into unlimited funds I would supply all the local food banks with an endless supply and maybe build a few more. We need to support our food banks and maybe open our cupboards once in a while. The feeling of giving is PRICELESS.

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