Do I believe in soul mates. Absolutely. I am going to tell you a true story about how I met my husband, before I met my husband. You may not believe this story but I swear it is all true. I actually had a dream about him even though, in the dream I never even saw his face. Here is what happened.

I dreamed I was in the desert, I’m talking sand and nothing else as far as the eye could see. There was just me, the sand, and the scorching sun. Suddenly there was a Scorpion in the distance it looked scary but I was not afraid. It crept closer to me and as it got right at my feet it turned into a man. Although his face was blocked by the sweltering sun, I knew down to the marrow of my bones this was the man I was meant to be with. Then I woke up.

Years later after we had met and were engaged. I prayed daily as the wedding got closer for God to give me a sign I was doing the right thing. Due to my parents having serial marriages and divorces, I think I had some issues in this department. I only wanted to do it once and as someone who does believe that there is one special person for everyone. I needed a sign.

As I was for the umpteenth time silently asking God for a sign, I look up and it was as if the clouds parted and there like a bright shining star was my sign. My soon to be husband was wearing a white tank, and I  really noticed for the first time  the tattoo on his upper arm. It was the exact same scorpion from my dream. Almost three years earlier, and almost two months before I even met him.

We got to talking about it and it turns out he got the tattoo on the same night I had this dream. Freaky right. I think it was God’s way of easing my mind, about my future nuptials even before I met my husband. I hadn’t even remembered that dream until that moment and it all came rushing back to me as if it had, just happened.

We have been together for eighteen years now and it is like we are newlyweds still. So yes I totally believe in soul mates he is definitely the only one for me.

I also believe that friends can be soul mates. My best friend is totally my soul mate, not romantically of course, but someone I was destined to meet. She is five years younger than me but it is like we have lived much of the same life. Hers was just five years later.

We have so much in common. that when we start taking about how parallel our lives have been, I get goose bumps on my arms. Our husband’s have the same names, both sets of our kids are only six months apart, and much much more.

I totally believe God puts people in our path for a reason and these two people were so meant to be in my life. They make my life so much more richer and better than I thought it would be.  Til death parts us.

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