The sun’s rays beat down on me from my spot on the beach. The exposure almost too much to bare as I hadn’t seen the sun in over 50 years. Today was the day. The day I and the rest of the world would get to see the dawn of a new sun. The rising and setting of its first appearance. The memory f its beauty I thought long forgotten came flooding back as the tears began to flow.

I, now and old man cried, cried that I had actually lived to see a sunrise again. I cried for those that have never seen a sunrise before. The collected breath catching along the beach was breathtaking. People just stopped and stared as the sun began to rise over the ocean and crest the water as if rising from its murky too long black depths. We were all mesmerized!

Since our own sun burnt out 50  years ago mankind was thought to have died ou, most of us did and yet, here we are. Not quite human anymore but we survived, survived the onslaught of a world turned cold and bitter. A world where nothing survived but us that turned, turned into what I like to call super human!


With our psychic abilities and our extra strength, we now rule the world a world filled with nothing but us. As all plant life and animals have died off due to the sun blinking out of its existence so long ago. We no longer represent the human race we once were we are something more. Something dark, something special.

I am glad to see that we now have a new sun, but what will that mean for us? What will it mean for those of us that have survived the darkness to come out on the other side? Will we change back? Will we cease to exist? Who knows what the future holds for us but I know in this moment I am more human than I have been in 50 years as the sun’s rays begin to fade into the sea while I witness the first setting of our new sun.


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I am overworked and underpaid!

My body is overworked and under-rested!

My mind is overworked and over thinking!

My time is overworked and underestimated!

I am overworked and overtired!


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AESTHETIC- concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

We live in a world obsessed with aesthetics. A world filled with people that are judged solely on their looks, their outfits, their hair, their accessories. That in a nutshell is what is wrong with this country!

I live in a world founded on the basis that when the “white man” came over on the Mayflower. They didn’t quite like the way the “Indians” looked. They were different than them and so had to be eradicated, and they almost succeeded. My country is now mostly made up of other skin tones, other races, other religions and yet they are still persecuted because they don’t fit the mold of what pretty is or aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

I live in a country that says our doors are open to everyone and when they get here. We are like nah, we changed our minds. You don’t fit the mold we had in mind. I never knew growing up in the supposed greatest country there is, that it was like this. I am disgusted!

It is not the countries fault, though. I blame the media. Someone of great importance (I think) one day decided what was aesthetically pleasing and what was not and the rest of us just went along with it. However, I do have to say I think it started with the Mayflower someone on that boat was the actual decider of what was what. Because it used to be that larger women were painted in portraits by uber famous artists that show these women were the women to be that were overseas.

Yet, now it is horrible to be so big. Who comes up with these statistics anyway? I want to meet them and punch them in the face. It can’t possibly be healthy to be a size zero at 30. I am so glad that I don’t worry about weight, height, or gray hairs. My philosophy… I DON’T CARE! You don’t like me for the kind hearted, sweet, smart person I am. Just because I may not be the picture of what it is to be aesthetically pleasing in this day and age. That is your problem, not mine.

Never change who and what you are for what someone else thinks you should be. If you are happy. That’s it! That is all that matters…


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He had waited patiently the entire evening. He had wined and dined her to the point of exhaustion. How the hell humans ever took the time to do this thing they called dating was beyond him.

His patience now growing thin, they were finally coming to the close of the date and his favorite part. The moment he would kiss her sweetly and send her on her way. Yet, Dominic had other plans for this little minx of a creature that had been torturing him for months with her high skirts and her neckline revealing blouses.

Thinking of her neckline reminded him of the pulse that beat just under her jaw line. Ahhh, the jugular. He had avoided feeding on humans for 200 years now ever since the invention of the damned synthetic blood bag. He had been a good boy. Didn’t he deserve one little bite?

He could already feel her blue-black blood turning crimson as it hit the air and filled his mouth with a warm metallic wonder he never could quite understand. She cleared her throat and he realized momentarily she had been talking and was now expecting a response when the action of her throat clearing suddenly jerked his attention back on all that creamy whiteness and the elixir that lay just under it.

She cleared her throat once more and he forced himself to raise his face up to focus in on her beautiful one of a kind hazel eyes. “Hu Huh?”, he stuttered. I’m sorry I was distracted by your beauty what did you say?”

A slow smile began to play across her face the ire of his nonattentive behavior disappearing with the compliment. “Oh,  she said suddenly with a coquette air about her. “I just wanted to know if you wanted to come in for a nightcap. Do you?”

Oooh, He thought an invitation, even better than a drain and dash on her front porch. A wicked smile erupted on his face as he whispered,”Yeah sure!” With a gleam in her eye, she turned to unlock the door and enter with him following closely behind. “This was going to be a great date after all!” he thought as he slowly closed and locked the door behind him his fangs elongating even before the tumbler finished locking them inside for the night. There was nothing like the slow drain of life to put him in the mood…








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She was exquisite. Her beauty far surpassed the pimpled faced girl she was the last time Grant saw her. She came down the stairs with an air of sophistication he never knew was possible. The image of her running around naked in his family’s wading pool at the age of four to get the mud she had rolled around in from the night before’s heavy rain made him smile.

He was six years older than Eleanor and never thought of her in the terms of a sexual creature yet, the way the tendrils of her golden hair were coming out of her bun to caress her jaw had his pants tenting out in a very uncomfortable area. She reached the bottom of the stairs with a silence that echoed across the room. She was absolutely breathtaking all he could think about now was ravishing her ripping her clothes off and having his wicked way with her.

Yet, the thought of slowly slipping her out of that dress and all the layers underneath waiting with bated breath as she was unveiled to him inch by agonizing inch held a certain appeal to him too. Their eyes met and as she seemed to be making a beeline straight for him. He did an about-face toward the bar hoping she hadn’t seen the lust brewing in his eyes. A feather light touch tapped his shoulder just as her perfume wafted through his nostrils. Suddenly he could hear his heartbeat thundering through his ears and vibrating through to his now hard cock.

He turned sideways so as to hide his mounting erection under the bar. Greeting Eleanor with a cursory glance not wanting to let her see he was as horny as a damned teenager at just the sight of her. Then her lilting voice reached his ears and he almost panted right then and there.

“Grant is that you? It’s been a long time!” she said with her gentle voice. He looked at her through hooded lashes and agreed on a mumble. “I think the last time I saw you. You were breaking my young heart by telling me you were too old to be my boyfriend” she said with laughter in her voice.

“Do you still think I’m too young” she whispered as she leaned in nearly grazing his ear with her lips. He visibly shuttered at the proximity of her mouth and those lips. Did she purposely paint them that red?  Or did she wear that lipstick to torture him? She locked her eagle eyes on him as if she actually expected him to vocalize anything coherent right now. “I’ll tell you what. I am all grown up now and I have my own room here in the hotel. If you still think I am too young don’t follow me, but if I’m not and you want to do the same thing I have wanted for so long wait 10 minutes and come to room 1514. I’ll be waiting” she said her voice turning lusty.

Grant watched her walk away and down the corridor of the hotel. This party was a business party her father had invited him to and yet, all he could think about was the non-existent panty line he didn’t see when he watched the gentle sway of her perfect ass as she walked away.

Was he really going to do this? Hell yeah, he thought but knew it was his other brain thinking for him now. He was going to do things to sweet Eleanor she had only ever dreamed about. He looked at his watch with a groan. Man, this was going to be a long ten minutes…




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