She is fierce this dragon with the red wings. The wings that are now spread wide and dripping crimson tears. 

In this light, it appears as rubies adorning her. She is at war with herself and has fought a great battle! I gaze upon this magnificent beast in wonder!

So strong, so powerful, so magnanimous! She blocks out the sun with her wingspan as she raises her head preparing to strike the world again. 

Puffs of smoke escape her nostrils as the fire builds within her once more. She lets out a screech, her battle cry, signalling her next attack. 

My ears begin to ring as the sound echoes through my brain.  My heart skips a beat while I watch unbelieving as her powerful jaws open up and liquid lava spills out onto the land. 

Covering everything her fire touches. I marvel in the heat of her broken embrace. Brave she is taking on the world for little old me.

Yet, she is happy to do so. The world is her playground now. She is in her element. A great beast scorching everything in her path and setting the world afire!

Where did she come from this dragon of mine? I look around at all my obstacles burnt to cinders. They are no longer an issue. She screeches again and I can’t help but smile.

She takes flight her wings slicing through the air, with a purpose. She is now free. No longer will she be caged! She is majestic!

She is beauty in motion! She is I, and I am she! She is my beast, my burden, my saviour!





They said it couldn’t be done! They said it would never happen! Yet, here I am for all the world to read! I am a poet, a writer! Yes, I have had obstacles in my way, mainly myself but  now, now that I am doing it I will not longer be bound by my demons.

The shackles are off and my beast is loose. No one should ever let anyone or anything way. Go to the ends of the earth, or the bowels of hell if you have to. To do what you need to do! BE UNSTOPPABLE! I AM UNSTOPPABLE!



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We are  in crisis mode! Global warming. Terrorists just attacking whatever countries, the list goes on and on. How can we fix it? How can we stop the madness? How can we stop the abuse, the neglect, the guns?

We are all affected by these things maybe not indirectly but at some point, it happens so often. You have to ask yourself, am I next? Will I be next? Will I be a victim of the ozone opening up and letting the sun’s rays shine down on me killing me with its radiation? Or will I simply be yet another statistic by a stray bullet in the supermarket!

I fear for my future grandkids! What will the world look like when they are grown! We need to do something today! Make moves now! Hello, friend, we are destroying ourselves! Our brand is CRISIS…




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“He was an elusive sot.” She thought with a smile on her face. Sammy had been playing this game of cat and mouse with the infamous criminal mastermind diamond thief she had ever seen!

Five long years now and it had indeed become a game between the two of them! She didn’t know his name or even what he looked like but she knew she was close to catching the scoundrel. She could feel it this time. Sure she had said she was close before but this time, she could feel it in her bones.

She had to give the guy props, though. Leaving no trace of himself behind except the trail of tears leading to all the broken hearted women he left in his wake. “Scoundrel is right!” she thought again for the millionth time in the last five years.

If she could just get her hands on a picture or something to go off of one of his many conquests. Yet, Casanova, as she had labeled him continued to slip through her fingers. The name seemed to stick now even the press was calling him Casanova!This latest raid landed her in Spain and it had yielded nothing. Frustrated her cab pulled up to her house. She was finally home. Her wonderful fiance Glen was home now. She missed him. She had been gone chasing the unattainable for the past three weeks. She was desperate to get home and to his loving arms.

All she wanted to do was snuggle with her baby for the rest of the night! While on the case chasing “Mr. Casanova” three years ago in Peru she met the man of her dreams. An American Journalist who travelled anywhere and everywhere in the world to get his story. Now here it was three years later and they were engaged she working for the CIA and him a burgeoning Journalist.

They were two peas in a pod and she couldn’t be happier! Now if she could just catch Mr. Elusive she could proceed with her wedding plans. She paid the cabbie and headed toward the cute little bungalow she now shared with Glen. As she approached the front door swung open with one hot ass man standing there in nothing but an apron!

“I’m so glad you’re home baby”, with that familiar lustful gleam in his eyes. Right before he engulfed her in a bear hug. She could feel how much he missed her pressing up against her leg through the thinning fabric of the apron.

Releasing her he grabbed her bags and ushered her into the dining room to sit. He had prepared a feast and in that moment her stomach growled. Realizing she hadn’t eaten since this morning she now knew she was famished.

“Welcome home my love eat”, he said as he poured her a glass of wine. There were drippy candles all over and soft music seeping into the room. She was glad she had called him when she landed or she might think this was all for someone else.

She smiled wide now as it reached her eyes she thought “I am the luckiest woman in the world!” She stood and hugged her man once again as she voiced her thoughts. “I am the luckiest woman in the world! You are too good to me baby! Thank You!” As she smiled up at him.

He looked her right in the eye with his usual mischevious twinkle in his eye and said “Just call me CASANOVA BABY!”  as his lips descended upon hers…







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Punishment! You would think that I would be one of those people that is light on punishment. Since that was a common word around my house growing up. It was a word I learned at a very young age and even the meaning of that word was skewed for so long.   I could look at my mom the wrong way and I got my ass beat. Or in her words, it was my punishment for being disrespectful.

It took many years for me for me to learn the difference between punishment and out right abuse! Many, many years to know the real meaning of that word and how I would exact punishment on my kids. My kids still don’t understand the inner turmoil and horror I go through every time I punish one of them.

Let me set the record straight, though, I don’t need to lay my hands on them to punish them either. I have come up with unique, form of punishment to fit each child. It almost sounds like a form of corporal punishment, doesn’t it!

Speaking of corporal punishment I know there are countries that still practice this today. With all the rapes, murders. and thefts in this country today. I think corporal punishment should be a factor.

In other countries, they will actually cut off your hand if you are caught stealing. I think rapists should be raped and murderers… well killing them would be too good for them. They should be placed in a padded cell and beaten daily. Alone with their minds and their demons. We should come up with unique punishments for each individual.

Maybe I am a little twisted in what form of punishment there should be. Thanks to my mom I know what punishment shouldn’t be…


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I know it has been a while since I posted anything while partaking of the spirits but I really think this should be a thing with the drunk Saturday! We are more honest with our words when we are drinking and better yet ourselves!

I wanted to open up a discussion tonight about change! Change sucks for those of us that have change thrust upon them. I have to change my attitude about a certain someone and their ideas. Even though just a few short months ago their views were the same as mine!

Change makes me feel funny in my tummy. I can’t stand change. Maybe it is because when you are forced to change something it takes away from yourself. Maybe we change for self-preservation. Self-preservation of the relationship because we know once voiced our real opinion on their now changed views we will be history.

We change for a job to get a better position or pay raise, we change because relationships with your spouse is about compromise right. We even change for our children so that we can set a better example for them but what about you!

You the person doing all the changing and compromising to fit others life. To fit in with that friend that just doesn’t have time for you anymore or that unruly teenager that just doesn’t know how the world works yet.

Why can’t we see that everytime we change for someone else’s pleasure we are compromising who and what we are! We change in slight ways for our friends our significant others and even ourselves.

Why? I have changed or compromised who and what I am for so long I am tired. I am tired of trying to please everyone and I am tired of losing myself to suit others!

I know who and what I am! Why do I keep trying to rationalize myself to you! I am tired of holding my tongue when I should be screaming from the rafters. Why do I keep trying to change just so the relationships I have won’t fail!

You knew me before and loved me for who I am what has changed? Nothing on my part and I am sick of jumping through hoops just to keep a balance between us I now know was never there!

I realize I can’t change! It has taken me a long time to become me!  It has taken me a lot of therapy to realize I am great the way I am! I will not change for you and I’m good with that! Are you?


I can’t even begin to know what goes on in your mind. I can’t begin to know the machinations of your soul. I come to you with wisdom and love. Yet, you rebuff me at every turn. You say you don’t need or want my help but I know better! Little lost  boy!

“Little lost boy come here to me! Tell me your heart’s desire and if I can’t deliver, I guess the moon will have to do. I love you with the everything in me but you seem too lost in your own little world to notice.

Your indifference scares me and I wonder how long will it be before you actually need or want me again. You shrug off the love of others while heading, headlong into a world unknown. Who will love you then? Little lost boy!

My anger rises at the thought of your adamant resolve. Yet, you do nothing to prove it. Nothing, you have no results to show you are ready to take on the big bad wolf I call the world. How is it I feel so lost when you are clearly the one lost. Little boy!

Lost little boy!  Do you see the tears in my eyes? I know this day is knocking down my door! The day when you will fly away from this nest I have created for you. The nest that right now you seem to think is the worst place to be. Yet, I know it is the safest for you!

I can’t even think straight my worry is for your future and if you become broken… I just want to hold you like the babe you are and keep you safe. Yet, I know I must let you go. Even if you fall flat on your face it is all up to you. Lost little boy!

Lost little boy, my heart is broken. Shattered into a million pieces. I am unsure it will ever  mend at the thought of you being out there in the world without me. I pray to God for you to get it together so at least the worry that never goes away will lessen.

I wait with bated breath as I watch you become a man before my very eyes and I cringe at what has to come next. Just know I will forever be here for you and love you no matter what happens next. Lost little boy!