I saw the most perfect snowflake today. I was waiting with my son for the school bus when it began to snow. It wasn’t much but just enough to say that it indeed had snowed.

There I was minding my own business trying to keep warm by the heat coming through the vents, dressed only in my pajamas when it landed right in front of my face. Attaching itself to my windshield.

For one brief second, time stood still as I gazed out the window at this perfect, fat, flake, of snow. It was as if everything was frozen in that second, Only, my breath puffing out in chilled tendrils of icy fog could be heard.

It was like I had gone deaf, save for the breathing, everything around me was in slow motion and nothing else existed in this moment except for that one perfect, snowflake.

All too soon the second was gone followed by sound, coming back to me in roaring waves as the bus finally appeared up over the hill and my son whispered a quick “love you” before he jumped out of the car and raced to get on it. In a daze, I turned my car around and headed back to the house. All the while contemplating this perfect snowflake.

He held on for the two short blocks back to to the house and by the time I pulled in to my driveway I was convinced he was following me. This snowflake with the perfect form, this snowflake that had me contemplating myself, my world, the universe in that one split second he fluttered onto the glass.

You see I had never really looked at snowflakes before, not a real one. I mean I watched as it landed on my tongue I could feel its iciness spread throughout my mouth. I have walked on snow as it soaked into my feet. I have seen pictures of ornaments and even did cutouts of them for Christmas but never, have I ever actually seen a single, perfect snowflake until today.

I always just thought it had something to do with Science, you know the mechanics of what snow is. Or that it was just another one of God’s little miracles, but to actually see it with my own eyes, took my breath away. I just thought it was little tiny specs of ice accumulated together, but this.This snowflake with all his perfect dimensions. The perfectly structured inner webbing, and the perfect points on the outside of each edge. A design so beautiful it almost brought tears to my eyes, because in that second I knew I was surrounded by the ultimate creator.

This moment was filled with so much peace. I was shaken to my core once I realized it was over. I almost wept over the loss. I carried this feeling with me for the rest of the day. A sort of calm against the storm. I even felt a slight sense of grief after he melted off my window. I just kept asking myself. How? Why? Did God make something so insignificant, so tiny, this beautiful? I was at a loss for words and even after I was home I stared at it sitting there on my windshield an uninvited guest among the dirt and other not so perfect snowflakes. That’s when it hit me.

I began to take notice of all the other flakes and noticed most of them had tiny imperfections but there were more and more that had a flawless design.  I was so enamored with this one perfect flake that I had neglected to notice the other more prominent snowflakes. Each one just as beautiful in their own way. No two flakes where alike, and I began comparing them to mankind and of how no two people are alike, we all have our own soul our own thoughts, our own uniqueness. Some of us may look perfect but we all have tiny imperfections that make up the thing that is us. We are all perfect snowflakes in our own way.

Short, fat, tall, thin. We are all what, God intended. Just as he did each flake of snow that touched our tounges when we were children, have you kissed a snowflake today?  So remember the next time you are down on yourself for not being pretty enough, or smart enough, or wise enough, or perfect enough.  You are a perfect snowflake.






The conversation turned from silly to serious once the demon entered the bar.  Heidi had been biding her time mindlessly flirting with the pseudo elf until her mark finally walked in. She was just about to give up and leave the boring man dressed all in green when suddenly the air ratcheted up a few degrees and in walked the biggest, hottest horned devil she had ever laid eyes on. His picture did not do him justice and judging by the way the women tripped over each other to get to him he obviously had a reputation.

He was so large he had to duck to enter the bar and even then his horns narrowly missed the frame. Heidi found herself damned near salivating at the way his long blond hair brushed against the rippling muscles that started at his neck and just kept going and going and going. She shook herself out of her reverie and downed the rest of the vodka in her glass for some liquid courage before dismissing the human playing dress up in front of her as she walked sensually over to the beautiful devil. It was time to get her game face on. She was a bounty hunter on a mission and she never missed her mark. This guy would be no exception but maybe she could get a little fun time in while she was taking him down in the process.

Gabe sniffed out the bounty hunter the instant his horns cleared the threshold into the bar. She had an odor that was unlike any of the riffraff in this place. While women fairy and human alike flocked to his side as they always did. He zeroed in on the knockout at the other end of the bar. Dressed all in black leather leaving very little to the imagination he wondered where in the hell she was hiding her blade. He scented the cold steel was on her he just couldn’t figure out where. The black leather breeches didn’t reveal her secrets even though they appeared to be painted on. With slits down the sides, he glimpsed her milky white flesh every few centimeters or so and for just a moment he longed to be those damned pants.

Her shirt was no better if that is what you can call it. It was more like a bra covering only her tits while her flat creamy flesh underneath it lay bare for the world to see. An emerald stud in the center of her belly button to match her eyes. Ah, those eyes. A demon like him could drown in those eyes. Thank God he was strong-willed. The fae wanna be next to her would not be so lucky. Speaking of, the guy stunk of human and Gabe felt like bashing the idiots head in for even thinking of touching her. A streak of something akin to jealousy leaked into his pores as he imagined yanking her away from this guys clutches by her long jet black hair and throwing her up against the wall to have his wicked way with her. In front of everyone here.

He shook himself as anger began to course through him. What the hell was that? He felt like a young buck not able to control his appetites. Instead of the 145 years, he actually was. He took a big sniff and then it hit him. The sweet ambrosia smell that could only come from his mate. He began to chuckle at the timing of the universe. He had been alone for all these years and now, the powers that be had finally sent the only person he could be with forever. In the form of a raven-haired temptress that was getting paid to turn him in.

She put the glass to her crimson lips and downed her drink in one gulp. Oh, the things he could do to that mouth. She tossed her hair dismissing the cockroach beside her and turned her attention over to him as she began sauntering over to him with a sheepish grin. A smile broke out onto his face as he watched her body move like a jungle cat stalking its prey. He was almost giddy at the idea of being her prey, but what she didn’t realize is that she was being stalked too. He couldn’t wait to hear her voice as she tried to seduce him into a false sense of security. He would play along, for now. Until it was time to claim his mate that is. A full on chuckle escaped his lips as she approached this was going to make for one interesting conversation. 


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