She was saintly in all that she did.  A wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister. Her roles were etched out for her even before she was born and she played them well.

Always the yes girl, she behaved exactly as she should. Never complaining that her load was too great to bare.

No one ever asking, if she was alright. They just assumed she was, with all her saintly ways.

However, she was full of fire inside. A hunger for a life only she could imagine. A thirst that could never be quenched.

She longed to sink her bare feet into the sand and watch the waves roll upon her. She craved a life she would never have.

She ached to ride wild horses, barebacked and bare-chested. She lusted after the moon and all his beautiful brightness.

She sought a world where she could be free of all her tedious masks. For in her soul she was anything but saintly.


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According to the dictionary, TRADITION is – the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, information, etc.

It also says that TRADITIONAL is – existing in, or as part of a tradition, long-established.

Is it safe to say then that not all traditions are good? When you think of traditions being passed down from generation to generation. From family member to family member. For the most part, it is something good. It is something that builds a legacy. It is the way you were raised that you take with you and continue on. For example, the way we celebrate the holidays. How many of you out there celebrate the way you do because that is the way your parents taught you? How many of you out there say, “I do this because it is the way I was raised!” It becomes the “traditional” thing in your family and so you continue on, but like I said before not all traditions are good are they?

Like the way we see, the world, the way we speak to one another, the way we treat other people. It is all based on some sort of traditional value that you were raised with. It is up to you to break that cycle and change tradition. It is up to you to make new traditions, and it is a hard road, an uphill battle that you sometimes don’t think you can win, but it is worth it in the end.

We are always told from an early age that our parents want more for us than what they had. At least I was and yet, the bar was set pretty low. It was never about things for me. Hell, I could have lived in a shack with dirt floors for all I care. All I ever wanted was to be seen, as a person, not an obligation. A sense of self- loathing and never being loved. That is the traditional values I grew up with and carried with me into adulthood!

That is also the traditional values I have been trying to rectify ever since. You see I didn’ t grow up in a house full of warm and cozy traditions. However, I learned through all the pains of the traditions I did grow up with that it is not a tradition I wanted my kids to carry with them. What traditional values do you want to leave behind to be passed down from generation to generation?

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Can’t we all just take a PAUSE, from adulthood!

I mean it’s like giving birth, people can tell you all day long how painful it is but until you actually experience it you will never know the depth of that pain. No one can know how hard being an adult truly is until they experience it for themselves. No matter how many people tell you it’s hard. No one can know the soul-sucking life stealing agony of paying bills every single month until their in it.

One minute you are a teenager foot loose and fancy-free and the next you have teenagers of your own and your left wondering where did my teenage years go? We all have that moment, that moment when we realize our youth has somehow slipped past us and we are now the ones that have to make the tough decisions. Whoever, says otherwise, lied!

We all have that moment where all we want to do is PAUSE life and just hang like the kids we still believe in our heart of hearts we are. In my experience, the Dad doesn’t have it so bad but the Mom, now she is the superstar. She cleans the house, cooks the dinners, does the laundry, washes the dishes after the dinner she has cooked. Gets the kids off to school, clean and ready for their day. She makes sure daddy has his act together before he walks out the door. Then it’s off to work for her after everyone else has gone. She comes home and does it all over again when all she really wants is some alone time.

I just had a thought, you know how men complain that the woman is always the last one ready to go somewhere well, maybe that is why because she is so worried about getting everyone else out the door that she doesn’t have the time to get herself dressed and ready too. I am doing so much at any given time that I feel dizzy at times. Being a mom is enough to make your head spin, to top it all off you have to instill values and morals in your kids so they can become good adults. It is a vicious cycle and it is exhausting!

“When is it my turn!” I say, and others response is “Well, you’ve had your turn!” What, why do I only get the one turn? That is not fair, however, I know in order for my kids to become effective adults I need to set the example. I need to be the great adult they look up to in life. I need to be their hero they aspire to be one day. My job as a parent will never be done and yet, there should be a balance from adult time to play time. Still searching for my balance. Adulting can be so hard!




I am on the cusp of… something!

Greatness, Madness, it’s to early to tell!

Whatever it is I can feel it coming,

I can feel it in my bones as if a change in the weather.

My skin is itchy with the anticipation that,

I am on the cusp of…something.

My heart thunders in my ears,

my breathing now quickened.

My thoughts are clawing at my brain and I know,

I am on the cusp of…something!

Something, I don’t yet know,

will it bring about the end of me or will I simply go on!

Will I struggle to keep what sanity I have left,

or will all my dreams finally be fulfilled?

My nails are bitten down to the quick, my nerves are on end, I wait with bated breath,

for I know I am on the cusp of…something!


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