Slim Pickings Secrets

There were knives on the wall that put her wall she had in the old house to shame. She slowly walked through and a chill ran down her spine. This was a network of underground rooms, they went beyond the length of the house above ground. She was in awe of her father, yet at the same time she feared what all of this meant. There was room after room after room in here, libraries with books she had never even heard of before. There were paintings on every wall like Monet and Van Gogh. They looked like originals too. The paintings were the only thing that looked human in this place. Everything was so metallic and chromatic looking. She was so confused right now.How did her dad do all of this and why? Was he really preparing for the apocalypse or was there another reason behind this place. ” Hey, hon I found the security room” Sam said as he looked into the first room on the left, in this underground maize. She followed him and again was taken aback by all the technology in here. There must have been about a hundred small screens, each one showing a different part of the house or yard, and every kind of electronic you could think of. Just this room was impressive beyond anything she had ever seen. She looked into the next few rooms, each one had a different purpose. She wandered back down the long hallway. One room was a kitchen so big it made the one upstairs look like a small closet. She saw a gigantic room that looked like it was a little infirmary, upon closer inspection she realized it was. She looked in some of the drawers and the cabinets in here and sure enough there was gauze pads tongue depressers the works. Once again she wondered what the hell her dad was preparing for. She could not believe the detail in every room. She wandered back in to the huge Library where there were just so many books she couldn’t count them all. Carolyne took a deep breath it was stuffy in here just like a Library that had been around for centuries instead of only a few years. She walked around the room admiring the artwork on the wall and the sheer amount of books on the shelves. No wonder it took her father eighteen years to build the house of her mother’s dreams, this room alone would at least have taken five of that. The air in the room suddenly changed as Sam came up behind her and engulfed her in his arms. She leaned into him and thought how easy it had been to rely on his touch in the last month. Oh My God! Had it only been a month since they got together? He nuzzled her ear and she spun out of his embrace. “Stop that, we can’t do that here”. she scolded. “This is a sacred place can’t you feel it”. Chuckling he said ” Babe from the looks of it your Dad went bat crap crazy at the end, he was preparing for something big but it has been seventeen years since he built this and nothing has happened. We need to chalk this up to his Military Paranoia getting the best of him”. She gave him a look that he had quickly learned meant he was in deep shit and she was pissed. “Do not ever say my Dad was crazy again, he was sane right up until some loon killed him, or don’t you remember that”. she said voice turning hostile. “There is something to this whole thing he wouldn’t have built it for nothing” her voice turning horse as if she might cry again she started to shake. Not good for him, to defuse the situation at hand he whispered ” God I am sorry babe, but really look at this place what Apocalyptic event was he preparing for, can you answer me that”. Throat clearing she said “No, but the answers are in this room, I can feel it”. As all traces of the moment of weakness dissipated she started looking at all the books more intently. To avoid another near miss he started looking with her. After two hours of looking at countless books on Science, Health, Business, Computers and any other book that would bore you to tears he raised his hands up. ” I give up I am going to get something to eat”. She looked at him sweat pouring off of her and said “Fine go on up I am not done here”. Just as she reached down to look at the bottom shelf she lost her balance and stumbled into the giant fireplace that took up one whole wall. As she reached up to steady herself on the wall sconce the fireplace disappeared and another room appeared. “Oh what the hell now”, she shouted as she practically fell into the dark damp room beyond. Sam ran to catch up with her just as the door shut behind them leaving them in utter blackness. He grabbed the flashlight out of his back pocket and turned it on to look around. This room was much smaller but still very much a Library there were several shelves with books on them. Carolyne reached for the first shelf labeled A and looked at the first book. As she opened it her companion started growling.”Cut it out” she said as she opened the book and looked at the title page. Animals was the title but she almost dropped the book and gasped as she noticed the note written in her father’s handwriting to her. It said simply.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            My Dearest Carolyne,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 If you are reading this then I am dead. I wanted to prepare you for the horrors of the world, but did not get to it in time. There are monsters in this world you can not even conceive of. All those horror movies you love so much are not far from the truth after all. I built this place for you and your Wolf for the Awakening that is going to happen. This little Library holds all the secrets to all the monsters in the world. Take care and remember I will always Love you and be with you.                                                                                                                                                         Love,                                                                                                                                                   Dad.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             As the tears fell from her eyes she looked at Sam and whispered                           “What The Hell”……….


Slim Pickings Part 13

As they buried Max in her back yard she was still sniffing. She was a little miffed that the last couple of days had turned her into an emotionally distraught girl. Her dad would be rolling over in his grave right now, at the thought of her crying like a ninny over Max’s death. It wasn’t the fact that is was Max in particular but everything in general, she just watched no less than an hour ago this man die in her home, her sanctuary. She didn’t think she could ever go back into that house. It’s a good thing she had the Mansion her dad was finishished building on the other end of the property. He had just finished building it, and he and mom were contemplating what furniture they should put in it when they were killed. Determined not to cry she sniffed again. He had built that house for her mother, he had loved her so much, when she told him of her dream to one day own her very own Mansion, he had started on it that day. Unfortunately that was the day Carolyne had made her grand entrance into the world, and the house was put on hold for a time. They didn’t care they loved their little girl to death. She had had a good and loving home she started to sniff again. She need to change her thought process she didn’t need the waterworks, again. Just as Sam and Seth finished putting the last of the dirt on the grave and packing it,  the sky opened up and it began to rain for the first time in weeks. Hopefully that meant no more heat wave thank God. Sam said” Ready to go” as he came over and put his arm around her shoulders. She had already packed up her things she wanted to keep, from her tiny little home she grew up in and one lone tear fell from her eye. It wasn’t like she would be leaving forever, it was still part of her property. Yet she had the distinct feeling that she would never see this house again. She was looking forward to her future with Sam he told her he was going to move in the mans with her if it was ok, and bring in (security) whatever that means, even if it was just for her protection. What a difference a couple of days made, she was moving into the house her father had built for the woman he loved, with the man she loved. Her cell phone started to ring she looked at it and realized it was Angie, she had missed twelve calls from her. She hit call back later. She suddenly felt so guilty, there had been so much going on in the last forty-eight hours she forgot to call her friend. She couldn’t call her now, with everything she had to say she had a feeling she would need a little face time with her. She was still processing everything Max had said. Trust no one, there are many more of them and they wouldn’t stop until they were all dead. How many more of whom, and they wouldn’t stop until who was dead? Shifters? Humans? There were so many new questions and so few answers, as usual. She needed to know and would not stop until she found them, she had a feeling Sam would be right there with her. They climbed into Sam’s Jeep. She pointed out the back road to the (Big House), and off they went, they rode in silence the rain pelting down was so soothing she was going to sleep for a week after all this. After about five miles into nothing but woods the dirt path opened up into a concrete circle drive that led up to a beautiful stone pathway, and the most beautiful house she had ever seen. She had forgotten just how beautiful it was, she stepped out of the Jeep and her breath caught had it really been seventeen years since she had laid eyes on it. “Holy shit” Seth said your pop sure knew what he was doing. ” Yup”  Sam said “You should be proud of him”.  “I am proud” she said turning to look at him. She grabbed his hand and gave him a come hither look. She said ” Come on my, Wolf let’s go start the rest of our lives together”. As they walked hand in had into their new home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   A month later                                                                                                                                                                                                                     It had been a hell of a month. The house was  finally getting in order, it had nothing in it when she and Sam had moved in, now there was furniture praise God. What was weird though as they went from room to room investigating the house, there was little things her father had done to it. It was as if he was preparing for an Apocalypse  or something. There were cameras everywhere all over the property and even in the bathrooms.They had yet to find an actual security room. The house had a west wing and an east wing. Wow she lived in a house with wings. She couldn’t believe the sheer size of this monster. She had been dusting for what felt like several months and still hadn’t even made it off the first floor. She was curious about so many things there were emblems all over the house that were strange. She had been looking them up on the net to see what they meant. More questions because she had never found a thing. What did they mean?  How did her dad know what they meant? Speaking of her dad, she didn’t want to think about what Max said about him to much or she would start crying, she had had enough tears. She was looking toward her future. She finally had her (talk with Angie), and she took the news very well, that she was living in a small town with Shifters. In fact she took it to well, she was fascinated by the whole idea of Wolves in town. She had joked that if she cold get used to the idea of living in a town called Slim Pickings, she could get used to anything. She was coming over a lot lately. Carolyne wondered if it had anything to do with Seth, now living here too. They were always giving each other looks when they thought no one could see them. Sam came into the room and said” Hey did you know there was a secret staircase underneath the big stairs” “What” she said confused. ” Come on let me show you” , he said reaching for her hand and pulling her out of the room. “Did you ever find the floor plans to this place” he said. “No I assumed he didn’t have any since the only three people in the world that knew it was here was him, my mom , and I” she said. As they walked closer to the stairs she saw it then, the door panel he found and had popped open under the  staircase. This place just got way crazier. She stepped inside the small nook and saw about twelve stone stairs going straight down, what could possibly be down there she thought. She had him get her a flashlight. As she shined a light on the wall at the foot of the stairs she gasped. There was clearly a very sophisticated code panel on the wall along with retina scan and fingerprint scan. “What the hell dad”, she whispered. She stepped closer and ran her hand over the fingerprint scanner. Suddenly the wall lit up. She jumped as a mechanical voice that sounded eerily, like her father said ” Welcome Carolyne, you have thirty seconds to scan your retina” she looked at Sam with a questioning look and mumbled ” Well, when in Rome”. She bent down and a bright green beam scanned her eye. She flinched as a loud humming sound started and the wall simply melted away. She now stood before a large room that looked like it was straight out of a sci fi flick. “Oooookkkkaaaay” she said, as she stepped into the room, things just got interesting…………..

Slim Pickings Part 12

Carolyne stepped out into the spacious living room armed and dangerous. Sam, never thought she looked hotter. He followed behind her, head spinning. How the hell did this beauty from small town Slim Pickings have an arsenal in her closet? The bigger question was why? She radiated danger and hotness. She was determined to break this thug if it was the last thing she did. He didn’t disagree she deserved to know the story behind her parents death. She stepped closer to the man she had dubbed Igor and slapped him hard. He spun his head back around to her, glaring, gray wolf eyes. “Now Igor we can do this the easy way or the hard way your choice”. He spit daggers at her and spoke for the first time ” You know, little girl I think when I get free I am going to kill you first and make your boyfriend here watch” he hissed out. Instead of shrinking back she got face to face with him and said “I guess it’s the hard way then” as she jabbed the needle into the exact spot on his neck, she had stabbed him earlier. He yowled in pain but couldn’t move due to his restraints. She laughed then, a menacing laugh. It sent chills down Sam’s spine. He was so glad she was on his side. “Now tell me when I’m getting warm, you killed my parents, you tried to kill the man I love several times and to top it off you kidnapped me, am I right. Igor spit at her but the drugs were starting to set in, the spit just dribbled down his scraggly beard. “Cat got your tongue, or do I need to let the wolf have it. You might as well spill all” she said running her blade down his front popping buttons as she went toying with him “because one way or another you will answer my questions” she whispered as she stabbed  him in the leg with the blade. He screamed a blood curdling scream leaving the knife in his leg she just smiled a wicked evil grin. “You know you have no one to blame but yourself for my actions, killing off and trying to kill off everyone I have ever loved, then the kidnapping has finally pushed me to my limit” she said sounding bored. “So Igor tell me what is your real name, let’s start there”. He sputtered out “you don’t want to know,who I am ,you won’t be able to handle it”  “she looked at him skeptical said “Try me” as she leaned closer to him and looked him in his eyes, he visibly flinched. She could tell her father’s torture tactics were starting to work. Begging her he said “Please take the knife out”.”Oh begging already” she smirked, “I’ll tell you what Igor if you tell me your real name I will take out the knife” He looked at her like he wasn’t sure if she was going to hold up her end of the deal. ” Ok” he grated out now sweat pouring off his forehead. “My name is Max Dunbar”  he said for everyone to hear. She gasped and the look on her face was one of confusion. “My dad’s old partner Max Dunbar, but ,but he died before I was born”. She stuttered out. ” No your dad  lied to you about so many things girl, forty years ago while in the CIA we got recruited into a secret government program. “It was the testing and killing of Werewolves” he said as he looked at Sam for the first time since she started torturing him. “Lies” she said  “My father would never allow anything so sinister to happen” she shouted now glaring at him. “Your right” he said “but the father you had and the man I was partnered with so long ago were two very different men. ” He was a soldier first and foremost and the government had lied to us they said that the Wolves were unnatural creatures, that they were a science experiment gone wrong. So we did what we did to protect our fellow Americans” he took a breath and continued. “There was an accident one day, I got bit by a Wolf it was crazy and attacking anything that moved. By the time he was put down it was to late for me I was already starting to turn. Due to the chemicals in the Wolf’s system we had been pumping into him, I received some pretty odd side effects that turned out to be not side effects, but now part of my DNA. There are parts of me now that will never be human again” he stated. ” Your father was supposed to take me to the woods and dispose of me, but when it came time to do it, he couldn’t. He let me go the stupid son of a bitch, instead he immediately retired and  forgot all about it. I had to kill him, don’t you see, I found him after all those years, he was happy with a wife and daughter about to graduate high school, it was like he had never been apart of the horrible things we had done”. She sat back on her heels on the floor in front of him, “you are crazy aren’t you” she whispered. ” You could have gotten help, why kill the only man that would have understood” Before he could answer a shot fired through the window and Sam threw her to the floor. Saying “I’m ok “she looked up to  find Max wasn’t, he was bleeding from a gaping wound in his chest. She screamed ” No” and lunged  to stop the blood that was now gushing in between her fingers. He whispered something she couldn’t understand, and came closer until she was a hair from his mouth. “Soooo beautiful” he whispered, “there are many, many more of them they will not stop until your all dead, trust no one”. As he said the last, he slumped forward having bled out literally in her hands. “Well, I got some answers, but there are many, more questions now” as she burst into tears, again………

Slim Pickings Part 10

Carolyne  was roused by the sound of gunfire very near her ear. She tried to sit up and almost passed out her head hurt like a son of a bitch, and her whole body felt like she had been through a wood chipper. She was lying on a tiled kitchen floor that looked like it was the first tile ever laid in history. It was riddled with holes and pealing at the edges of the small kitchen. She slowly looked around at the rest of the room she was lying between the cabinets to her left and a half wall that looked like it went into and open living room on her right. The good news whoever had taken her couldn’t see that she was now awake, the bad news she couldn’t see him either.She finally looked down at herself clothes torn and bleeding from multiple cuts down her arms and legs she started to shake. She realized the idiot that took her didn’t tie her up or anything he just tossed her on the floor like so much garbage. Probably thinking she was just a pretty blonde that was to stupid to fend for herself. Mistake one, she was her father’s only child and instead of wishing she were a boy had taught her how to fight, hunt and fend off idiots. He had essentially turned her into a boy and she didn’t regret a second of it, especially in this moment. She was drawn back to the rat tat tat of the guns going off and could tell by their clicking the machine guns were running out of bullets. What the hell was he shooting at, then her blood ran cold. The last thing she remembered before passing out was the sound of howling. Sam had surely found them and now this maniac was shooting at him aggressively. Hell no she thought, she just had the best sex of her life and there was no way she was losing Sam to this nut job. He was her mate after all, she planned on making him regret it for the rest of their lives and she planned on living a long time. She slowly looked around for anything she could use as a weapon in the dingy little kitchen it was pretty sparse. She spied a glimmer of something shiny underneath the tile about two feet away. She scooted over to it and began slowly pulling away the tile. There was a small slender dagger just there. As she wiggled it out keeping one ear on the rest of the house double checking for any new noises, she couldn’t believe her lucky stars. Who the hell would keep a knife under their kitchen floor. She finally, with the little dagger in her hand raised up fully she sidled up next to the half wall and slowly, slowly peeked around the corner all the while trying not to throw up or pass out. She saw the living room with an old overstuffed chair that looked like it had been through hell and back with rips all through it the white cotton guts spilling out as if they were escaping. There was a battered scratched up coffee table that had seen better days and standing lamp  the shade shredded and falling off the light bulb. There were huge marks all over the walls, omg she realized those were claw marks and judging from the height they had to come from someone very tall, like the cloaked figure standing at the window watching her mate get shot at. He was at least six-five he wore an old black duster that was dragging the floor and an old crumpled fedora. His long stringy hair was coming out of the ponytail he had it in and he looked for all the world like a serial killer. She had a sudden urge to comb that mess, but then shuddered at the thought of touching it. Her head was still pounding but the adrenaline coursing through her was beating back the urge to vomit. This was a fight or flight moment and she was determined to fight, even after realizing this man must be a shifter too. She should be scared terrified even, but her daddy didn’t raise no pussy. Just thinking of her dad sent her into a simmering rage. This bastard had the nerve to kill her parents, try to kill the man she loved repeatedly, and kidnap her. Oh hell no, he was gonna be one dead puppy. She slowly stood and crept toward him with a stealth she hadn’t known she possessed. He was so distracted by all the gunfire and whatever was going on outside to realize she now stood right behind him knife poised. She looked for an opening and saw one has he leaned closer to the window his hair moved and his neck was revealed. Before she could think she stabbed him in the neck, with a yowl he grabbed for his neck and swung around to face her, Eyes already changing into a wolf. She let out a yelp as she yanked out the knife blood instantly spurting from his wound she   ran for the door, not letting go of the knife in case she needed it again. Just as she reached the door the guns stopped, she heard snarling behind her. she was not going to look back she ran towards the daylight, she ran so fast you would have thought the hounds of hell were on her ass. As she stepped off the porch she heard snarling in front of her, what, how could he have gotten in front of her so fast. Then she saw him her wolf and his brother both in Wolf attire, they were pissed. Sam angled his head to the side as if to say go hide. ” No my Wolf I said we are finishing this once and for all” she spit out. “I think I stabbed him in the carotid artery so he’s hu… before she could finish a Wolf crashed through the door the  size of a Pinto. Hell was this guy on steroids or what. He was swaying,  he stopped at the front of the porch. He had graying patches and looked like he was sick. Maybe it was the blood loss, but somehow she didn’t think so.He stumbled a little and fell to the ground. Shifting back to his human self Sam walked over to him. “Don’t” she cried. “It’s ok” he said “he passed out”. Now let’s get him patched up so we can get some answers” said Sam, in a menacing tone. Something told her this guy’s life span was depending on how long he was willing to hold out on those answers. It was going to be a long torturous night……

Slim Pickings Part 11

By the time they got Igor (as she was affectionately calling her abductor) back to her house and restrained, Carolyne was exhausted. She went to the shower to get away from everything and to feel normal for a while. She was finding it hard to believe that just twenty- four hours ago her life had been turned upside down and changed forever. She turned on the water and while she waited for it to get warm looked at herself in the tiny mirror above her sink. She looked terrible, her hair was now a thick mess of leaves ,twigs, and matted dried blood. She had a bluish black bruise down her left check where she passed out after finding Sam the Wolf in her bed and there were tiny cuts all over her arms and shoulders that were now dried and hardened. One lone tear traced down her face she had been through a lot in the last twenty-four hours and the stress of it all was taking its toll. The mirror started to steam which meant her water was ready. She stepped into the spray and flinched it felt like a  thousand tiny razors blades hitting her flesh where all the cuts were. She sat in the back of the tub brought her knees up to her chest and started sobbing. She cried for her parents, she cried for Sam, and she cried for her body that felt like it was broken. With these cuts opening up her flesh, opened up old wounds of her parents death, she thought were healed. I guess losing a loved one you never really stop mourning, she thought. She was so busy crying she didn’t hear Sam come in the door. He pulled the shower curtain wider and his heart plummeted. The woman he loved was in pieces , gently rocking a sobbing.He stopped short, the woman he loved wow the realization that he really did love her hit him like a ton of bricks. He knelt down by the tub and gently pulled her arms away from her knees, she looked up into his beautiful eyes and began to cry harder. She reached up and clung to him, she would never let him go the thought of almost losing him even before she had the chance to love him chilled her. “It’s ok honey, I’m here now” he said “I will never let anything bad happen to you again” he croaked out. She stopped crying to look into his eyes and saw the shimmering light of tears. She realized he was terrified he would lose her too. “I love you” she blurted out before she could help herself. He smiled and said “I love you too. I have loved you all my life you are my heart Carolyne and no one is going to try and take you away from me again”. ” Is that your wolf talking or you” she whispered.  He gently lifted her chin up to meet her eyes.”That is the man and the wolf talking for we are one and the same” he stated simply. She half smiled and before she could think further he kissed her gently and tenderly. She was instantly aflame with desire, As his tongue gently stroked the inside of her mouth she pictured it stroking other parts. All to quickly he released her and set her away from him. ” I am trying to be a gentleman, your hurt but man what you do to me” he said tone gone husky. Having said that her eyes dropped to his crotch where in fact she could tell he was very affected. He turned the shower off and plugged the tub so it would fill up. “I can however give you a bath to clean you up” his tone dropping another octave. Why did she have a feeling she was in for a treat. “I am very, very dirty” she said voice gone husky as well. ” Silence, if you keep talking dirty to me I won’t be able to restrain myself” he said sharply. She gave him a dirty look but the smile that quirked at the corners of her mouth told him she was teasing him. He made quick work of her hair gently lathering and scrubbing away all the blood and gunk from her hair. They both winced  when he grazed the goose egg on her head from being knocked out. “Sorry” he muttered but continued. He lathered up her puff she had laying there with soap that smelled of honeysuckle and lavender. As he started gently soaping her up, with one hand the other hand began to travel. Caressing her gorgeous breasts along the way to that sweet nectar he was searching for. She was already moaning from his fingers touching, but when he grazed her clit she was almost outdone. He probed her outer walls with his index finger and found she was already wet for him. He smiled and leaned over to clasp one bright beaded nipple in his hot mouth covering and sucking as his fingers found there way inside her. His fingers were sliding in and out of her slick hotness. as he made love to her breast with his mouth. The gentleness and the tenderness of his actions were to much to handle. She came with a slow steady heat starting at her belly and rising, as she opened her mouth to scream he covered her mouth with his swallowing her scream into his Wolf. She must have passed out for a second in the aftermath because, when she became aware of everything again she was clean, and he was letting the water drain. He helped her stand and wrapped a big white towel around her, that had just materialized out of nowhere. He helped her dry off and bandage all of her cuts. He brushed her hair and left it down. She could get used to this side of Sam, she had never seen his gentle side before. He helped her get dressed, she let him pick out the clothes. It was interesting the things he chose to pick out for her. she had on worn daisy dukes a half tank that barely covered her breasts, and cowboy boots, and of course she gleaned by now he loved her waist length hair down so that’s the way it stayed. Look at her already changing her style for her man. Who was she becoming? She didn’t care, she knew from here on out she was in for a hell of a ride. She stood and went to the back of her closet. “What are you doing” he said confused. “I have a panic room back here, full of weapons of mass, destruction or torture” she snickered. She pushed some buttons on the back wall and a door opened up to reveal a small armory. She wasn’t joking there was every gun you could think of, with all the ammo to match. There was a whole wall of just knives, some of those blades were pretty wicked looking. Who was this woman he loved? Seeing this room turned him on. “Where? What? I don’t even know what to say to this” he said. “close your mouth wolf and suit up” She said as she took out a case full of needles and vials of different colored liquids. She picked a blue one and started, adding it to a syringe. She looked at him then with a new determination on her face. “Truth serum, we will get this mother fucker to talk one way or another” she stated. She finished with the serum and loaded up a couple of handguns in her boots, in her bra and lethal looking blade in her hand. She was loaded for bear. as he quickly added a couple of guns and a knife to his attire, following after her he said”God I love you”. she whipped around to smile  that brilliant smile at him and shut the panic room door. With  the knife in one hand and the syringe in another she said “Have you ever heard a pig squeal Sam” as he shook his head in awe, she said “Well we are going to go make a Wolf squeal”, as they headed back into the living room. He shivered at her menacing tone and thought thank God she was on his side, he was going to enjoy every minute of this……….

Slim Pickings Part 9

In the midst of Sam fighting Seth  he heard a muffled scream in the yard and the fresh smell of blood assaulted him. Carolyne he thought. He vaguely remembered her saying she was going for a walk while he and Seth tore her small kitchenette up. He was pissed that his brother had the nerve to talk to his mate like he had, he had to show him who was the Alpha male here. He raced outside and as soon as he hit the door he smelled it. The thick smell of ozone and death. Whoever killed her parents and tried to kill him, had her. His blood ran cold. He started howling as he followed the scent at a dead run he could feel Seth close behind now howling too. He ran for all he was worth with one thought in mind let her still be alive, if one hair on her head was harmed he would rip someone to shreds. Today was the day he would get some answers and finally lay to rest all of those involved. He slowed down to a trot the scent became so overpowering he started choking. He shifted back into his human self and crept around some bushes, ahead there was a clearing with an old dilapidated log cabin. He had tromped through these woods for years, how the hell had he never come upon this place. He strained to hear anything the silence was deafening. There wasn’t even any birds chirping, there was nothing. That was weird, where was all the wildlife that should have been about. His brother had shifted back and now scooted next to him, “How we gonna do this bro, I am ready to end this”. His thought exactly, with murder on his mind he was glad he and his brother were on the same page. “I don’t know he could have the whole place wired to blow, or have set booby traps all the way around the perimeter, the only goal is to get Carolyne out safe before the bloodshed begins” he whispered. ” Why don’t you shift and go around the back very carefully and see how close you can get to the windows to look in and see what you can see” he said. ” I got you” Seth said, as he began to shift back to his wolf. He took off like a shot around the left side of the house toward the back. Sam did not shift but starting working his way around the house through the bushes to the right. If everything went well he should meet his brother in the back. As he crept he turned his wolf eyes toward the windows , it was so dark in there he couldn’t make out anything. He stopped midway to the back he just picked up her scent, she smelled of fear and blood, lots of blood. His blood boiled someone was definitely going to die today. He just hoped he or Carolyne wasn’t part of the body count. He started toward the back of the house again realizing the danger was now greater, she could be bleeding out for all he knew he started shaking with pure rage. He needed to stay focused it would not bode well for Carolyne if he ran in half cocked. He finally worked his way around the back and met up with Seth who was now peeking into the small window. He saw Sam and moved toward him carefully. ” There seems to be only one guy in there but I couldn’t see where Carolyne is located” he said. “We can take him out” Seth said almost vibrating with the thought of killing this guy. “No, let’s go back to the front we need to find out  where she is first” he said. ” Wait didn’t you smell her we need to get in there now man” Seth said as he looked at his big brother confused. ” I know I can smell her too, but we can’t go in all guns a blazing if we cannot find her, don’t tell me what I need to do she is my mate” he said through clenched teeth. ” I know she’s your mate, but if we don’t get in there soon you may not have a mate for long” Seth said. As he was about to reply to that remark, Sam  heard a very light moaning sound right around the side of the house where he originally picked up her scent. He and Seth made their way back to the front where they had started. He could tell by the sound of her moaning and where this guy was located he wasn’t near her in the house. He said” Fuck it, let’s do something this fucker would never expect, let’s head for the front door”. They headed for the front door, about twenty feet from the front door bullets started flying. Suddenly there seemed to be a hundred guns on the porch and they were going off in random succession. As they dove  for the ground all Sam could hear was the rat tat tat, rat tat tat of the guns as the bullets whizzed by his head………..

Slim Pickings Part 8

“What the fuck did you just say to me” she bellowed now nose to nose with him her face colored with rage. He could tell she was pissed off. He slowly got out of his chair and cautiously moved toward her. “Nope, Winchester you stay right there and explain to me what you meant by MATE”  she said in a very controlled, calm voice. He knew by that tone it was only a matter of time before she exploded into full blown rage.” I am sorry but the thought of you in danger, caused me to blurt out what I was going to explain to you before you decided your going to go all bad ass and try to take out the very same people that took out your parents and nearly me” he said voice gone soft. She could see he was upset, he was actually shaking she didn’t know if that was from terror,or just plain old rage at the thought of losing her. “Ok, Wolf explain right now or get out of my house forever”. she seethed. “That is what I was going to explain” he said, ” even if I wanted to my Wolf would never let me”. He looked at her beautiful face for what seemed like a hundred times in the last twenty-four hours to gage her reactions once again. He blurted everything out at once so she wouldn’t have time to run. ” We shifters mate for life and once my wolf realized you were his he marked you”  As he was saying all of  this she touched her collarbone remembering that bite that caused her to have the best and longest orgasm of her life.” She was instantly wet just from the memory. Suddenly he lifted his head and smelled the air. Could he sense what she was thinking, as if he could read  her mind he said with a hoarse voice” I can smell your desire for me Mrs. Wolf, that’s why the wolf has a long nose the better to smell you with my dear”  She jerked her head up to meet his eyes and saw that they were turning, he looked at her with those Wolf eyes and she shivered, it was as if he could see into her soul. She was suddenly very hot, she was betting it had nothing to do with the weather. It was like she had liquid fire in her loins. Clearing his throat Seth said “If you two are done ogling each other we need to get back to the matter at hand”. Looking away from those beautiful eyes, she blushed, embarrassed she turned away from both men to clear her head. Why was she mad again, oh yeah ” just because we slept together doesn’t mean you can claim me like some, some Caveman”. she hissed. “Alright knock it off” Seth said glaring at both of them. ” He has loved you since grade school, but you always acted like you were to good for him so, he did what any man would do he treated you like shit. Now his Wolf has claimed you the Wolf will only claim one mate in his lifetime, so you are stuck with each other learn to love him and put him out of his misery already. The sooner you accept that the better off you will be”. he gushed out. This time she turned daggers at him ” I don’t have to accept any…..” before she could finish her sentence a blur flew by her and attacked Seth. It was her Wolf, what, did she just refer to Sam as her Wolf. Wow she guessed she had already accepted him as hers without even realizing it. She now had to break up a fight between Seth and him before he killed his own brother she turned around to face them and Seth had now shifted he was  the most beautiful grey like the sky in late afternoon just before a storm with his already blue eyes now a piercing blue like the deep blue of the ocean. Now tearing up her kitchen and brawling like a couple of wild dogs she said” Fuck it, if you two are going to act like a couple of dogs then I am going for a walk, but you two are paying for any damages to it” She  opened the screen door with a creak mumbling the whole time about boys. she didn’t see the board until it was too late, someone just hit her in the head with a two by four WTF. Going in and out of consciousness she could tell she was being dragged through the woods by her right arm, hitting every rock, stick and thorn along the way. She fought to stay awake as she looked up to see the sun peaking through the trees she could tell by the position of the sun it had only been about half an hour. Her head was bleeding she could tell by the warm stickiness oozing down her cheek, she could feel the jagged cuts marring her skin as she was being dragged, inky black dots danced in her eyeline, and she fought the urge to throw up. She definitely had a concussion. She need to see a doctor, if she lived long enough that is. In the distance she could hear howling, she prayed it was Sam finally realizing she was being abducted, and coming after her. Protect her with his life, well he was doing a bang up job so far, was the last thought she had before the darkness claimed  her……