There are footsteps all around me as I toss and turn in bed I can hear them marching toward me as if they are going to war. I sit up and pop on the bedside lamp. Once again there is nothing. Nothing but me and my wild imagination running wild. I look at the clock on the table and see that it is almost 4am. As sleep eludes me once again I toss back the covers in a huff and my bare feet hit the cold floor in record time.

I sit for a moment taking in the room. There is nothing but the sound of my breathing the silence is deafening. I must be going crazy every night for the past week I have been hearing the same footsteps ever since my near death experience last Monday. I have seen things I can’t explain heard things that couldn’t possibly be. I reach for my medication that doesn’t seem to work and the glass of water I had sitting there. I sigh as I turn the glass upside down and realize it is empty.

I take the pills and the glass as I finally get off the bed and make my way down the long winding staircase to the kitchen. I flip on the light and its brightness blinds me temporarily. I get to the sink and refill my glass. I open the bottle and the pills spill out onto the counter. Now completely aggravated I  scoop the pills up and place them back in the bottle save for the two I need that I am praying will finally let me sleep.

After that wreck, I was in last Monday that totalled my beloved Jeep. In which I had to be cut out of with something they called the “Jaws of Life”. I haven’t been the same. I was lucky after a drunk driver ran a red light doing about 60 in a 30 I walked away with just a few scratches. All if this is hearsay as I don’t remember any of it. My first memory after I saw a pair of headlight barrelling toward me was waking up in the hospital. Ever since the moment, I woke up I have felt like I was being watched. There is a constant presence with me now It scares the hell out of me. What happened during this accident? I know I had died but somehow, something or someone brought me back.

Now I have a feeling as if I had cheated death somehow but there have been no answers forthcoming. Why am I still here? Who saved me? There are so many questions. It is completely understandable why I haven’t been sleeping. Now adding to the fact that it sounds like the devil himself is marching in my room every night to come and get me. A shiver runs through me as I take the pills and take  a long pull on the water.

I leave the bottle and put the glass in the sink. I hear a pitter-patter at the window over the sink and look out to see the weather man was right. It is now raining and as  I stare out at the drizzle in the darkness I am for the first time since the accident soothed. I switch off the light and make my way back up the stairs to the bed that calls to me. I can feel the pills start to take effect each step back to my room turning sluggish. I open the door and a strangled scream catches in my throat.

The window was swinging wide over my bed and there on the hardwood floor is muddy footprints. I rush to the window and close it as an ice cold chill races over my body. I look around the room but no one is here. I need help I whisper to myself while a lone tear tracks down my face. Now I am imagining real things in my room. I turn back to the footprints that are still there. I race to the door  I have to get out of here. Before I make my escape a deep voice booms out of the room. I stop and terrified to look but knowing I have to I slowly turn to find a man dressed in black. My eyes begin to water with unshed tears. A flash of memory hits me. I am transformed back to the accident where a lone black figure is standing over me and I know in this moment it is death here to collect my soul.

His voice pulls me out of the memory and back to the present. “I am death! You have escaped my clutches once before Abigail, but no one escapes death I am here to collect your soul”, he states as he reaches out a skeletal finger to grasp me. The scream I was holding back earlier now bubbles to the surface and I scream my last as he touches me. An ice like I have never felt rushes through my veins as it freezes my scream in my throat pain like I have never felt before staggers me. Then there is just blessed nothingness. All that’s left of me is the footsteps I left behind…

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