I am standing on the edge. The edge of the world and it is magnificent. I  stand here on this cliff and I feel as if I can touch the sky. I feel closer to God than I have ever felt. As I stand here nothing can touch me. The wind in my hair and the world at my feet. I stand here on the precipice of life. I love this moment and everything else in this world just falls away. I breathe deep the smell of the sea and the sky is amazing. Just being here on  this cliff is breathtaking.

I dive head first and as I am flying through the air I feel a freedom I have never felt before. I can’t stop smiling I am a magical bird flying through the air. All too quickly my flight has ended and I hit the water. I immediately feel the cold crisp water welcomes me into its fluid arms. For one moment in time, the water and I are one. I break the surface and an explosion of laughter bursts from me. With the sun beating down the top of my head while the water cools me from the neck down. It’s as if the sun and the water are at war each one trying to please me in their own way. I  have never felt more alive than I do in  this moment.

I hear laughter and praise in the distance and I look toward the tiny beach where my friends have gathered since their plunge into the drink.My smile broadens as I begin to swim toward them and I know that this is the first time but not the last time I will be cliff diving. Man, I love living on the edge.


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