People said she was bold, People said she was brave!

She took on the world with a certain grace, she trudged through life with her head held high. She never let them see her cry.

She was the picture of daring and the most audacious woman they would ever meet. She had a bod for sin and a head for danger.

She was beautiful, yet she didn’t know it, she was just one of the guys when it suited her and just as gutsy.

They said she would never make it, but look at her now, she was courageous enough not to listen.

Here she stands her own two feet unafraid, her love of life unflinching.

Feisty as hell when she is challenge, and ballsy enough to put everyone in their place.

Gallant, she sits upon her white horse, never to be undaunted.

Here she stands for all the world to notice her lionhearted and fearless…

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/fearless/”>Fearless</a&gt;

I used 12 synonyms for the word fearless! Not including the word fearless! Can you find them all before you get to the prompt word of the day!




2 thoughts on “FEARLESS GAME

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