Spring is finally here! Winter was a cold heartless bitch!

Yet, today as I frolicked through the thickening grass that gets greener by the day.

I felt a lightness in my heart that wasn’t there before. I feel the crisp cool breeze on my skin and I bathe on the scent of freshness in the air.

Ever notice that in the Springtime even the air smells cleaner.

I hear the birds chirping and playing, I watch as they dip and dive into the recent rain puddles with perfection.

I can almost hear the flowering buds on the trees growing, this their promise that they are still alive.

The sun, the brightest temptress of them all, beckoning you to come and sit in her halo of beauty for a while.

I sit outside while the sun bids her ado, and darkness swallows you up. I  don’t mind because I am soaking up all nature has to offer.

Then the man in the moon comes out to spy on all creation and I take a bow to the ever-present master of the sky.

My day has come to an end and as I gaze out of my window soaking up what’s left of the night. I can’t help but think. “THANK GOD, IT’S FINALLY SPRING!”




Fall is my favorite time of year! The crisp cool weather not to hot not to cold, it is just right. The leaves such beautiful hues, colors that can not be duplicated in their intensity. No matter how hard we try.

Yet, Fall also means something else, doesn’t it? Something darker, colder, more sinister. It means the cruel death of Winter is on its way. While the colors on the leaves are beautiful it just means they are already, dying. Being drained of all the life they once held in the greenery of rebirth. Now they are just an empty husk of what they once were. The tiny veins once plump and coursing with chlorophyll, now dry and brittle.

Watching these leaves descent to the ground in their one and only flight in life brings sadness to my heart. Seeing them laying on the cold earth now cracking and crumbling like ashes make me weep over the loss. Soon the trees will be bare and my yard nothing more than a graveyard of brown, memories of a past filled with life. As Winter approaches and we pray for Spring and new life. Just remember death is not far behind.

I guess this is the circle of life, we are born, we live, and then inevitably, we die. We only have to look at the trajectory of a single leaf to know this.


Our love swiftly became toxic.

What was once a promising flower budding in the spring,

turned to deathly remains withered in the cold winter.

We were thought to be happy once, with stars in our eyes and the world at our feet,

Then as if a dream turned nightmare the illusion shattered with the poisonous strike of an adder.

We became toxic to one another and then, the world, driving each other to utter madness. We spread the misery like a plague, infecting others with our deadly virus.

We watched with bated breath, as the world crumbled around us, into a fiery plume of despair. We watched it burn to cinders while we laughed our maniacal laugh.

We became the demons we accused each other of being, with no way of stopping the train of destruction that was us. W crashed head-on staring helplessly at our dismembered love.

The lifeless corpse of our love lay shattered on the ground. Broken bones and broken promises. All just scattered remnants of our toxic love.

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It is Winter. There is no snow yet the temperature continues to drop day by agonizing day. I can smell it in the wind and it is just a matter of time before the white stuff shows it’s fury.The witching hour is upon me and as I gaze outside I can see the frozen barren land clearly under the full moonlight.

The moon is so full and bright it almost appears as daytime in the wake of the late hour. The infertile trees shadow plays upon the ground taking on a skeletal hue with their inky blackness. Looming across the landscape as if they are trying to escape the bitterness that is Winter.

It is a beautiful sight in its eeriness. I half expect a zombie or a werewolf to come charging across the yard but alas, I know they too (if they were real) would be smart enough to stay out of this cold.

It is late and I am tired yet, the call of this cold night and all its splendor almost has me reaching for the door, almost. I just stare for what seems like an eternity through the window at the beauty I am capturing in my mind for later and how I feel in this moment.

All alone I feel a kinship with those lifeless shadows and for one brief moment, the trees and I are one. I feel their sadness, their pain, their lifelessness. I have been there I have felt sadness, pain, and most of all a lifelessness I can’t explain.

I am touched by those shadows and the eternal light that now shines upon them showing all of their flaws, their imperfections, their brokenness and yet they still stand tall and proud.

I take a snapshot of them in my mind as I silently scream at Winter for she has taken their life and with it all the beauty they once possessed. Yet, they are not ashamed they sprawl across my lawn knowing who they are? What they are? Casting beautiful shadows even in death. They know they will be alive again that the seasons will change and they will once again rise to greatness.

I guess that is the thing we all need to take from these trees. No matter how broken we are during the (Winter) just remember the seasons will change and we will once again be alive and beautiful …