I was scrolling through Facebook today when I came across Leah Remini’s post about her show calling out the cult that is Scientology. She is now in her second season of the tv show and even though I was never in Scientology the show strikes a chord with me on another level. The show is about her spilling the secrets of this particular “religion” and if anyone has read my former blogs they know how I feel about that word. This show has become so much more to me than a mere outing of Scientology and I let her know as much in the comments. I let her know that she has no idea that her reach isn’t just reaching those in a former “cult” so to speak but it has reached me as well. Someone that was raised in an oppressive home, someone that was abused, someone that was given a warped perspective on the whole of what “religion” is. I commended her for being brave enough to speak out, to use her fame for good instead of evil, for giving those a voice that doesn’t have one.

She is one of my favorite actors not because she is crass and opinionated, but because she isn’t afraid to show that side of her. She doesn’t compromise who and what she really is for the sake of a role. She is a real person because she is crass and opinionated, and she isn’t about to let anyone deter her once she sets her mind to something. We need more people in the world like her fighting the good fight. Standing up for what is right, standing up for the little guys that don’t have a voice. Consequences be damned. Today I was reminded that this, this is why I write, and I reminded her that it does only take one voice to be heard and right now she is that voice.

As I was scrolling through the comments and there were a lot of them. Someone had posted that “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!” As I have written many a blog on this, I completely agree with this person. Yet today it hit me once again like a ton of bricks. When you speak the truth even if it is a truth you have been keeping from yourself, you feel FREED! There is a freedom in your soul even. When the ring of truth clicks into place it is as if the world has been righted again. A right you didn’t even realize had shifted until you open your mouth and speak the truth. I have been blogging for over two years now and each time I blog about the truth of my past, not only do I find another layer to my psyche restored but I also feel my soul, my very being is a little lighter. Secrets and lies are death to the soul and so as I was once again reminded that “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!” I realized today my smile is a little brighter because the truth has in fact set me free.

If you haven’t watched the talented and lovely Leah Remini on her new show about Scientology even if you are not religious it is definitely worth watching as it will raise your awareness to this cult that has deemed itself a “religion”. I guarantee you that even if you are not religious it will speak to you on a very personal, human level. We all need to be aware of the religious demons that try to suck us in, with their false prophets and false Gods. In this day and age, we need to be more vigilant than ever on who our true God is.

For it says in the Bible in Psalms Chapter 4 Verse 2

2. O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? How long will ye love vanity, and seek after leasing? Selah.

and in Psalms Chapter 97 Verse 7 says

Confounded be all they that serve graven images, that boast themselves, of idols: worship him, all ye Gods.

We are in the days of many false Prophets, false Gods, false everything. So just be aware of what truly matters.

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