Her eyes were the color of passion, Yet he didn’t seem to notice when the light dimmed and the passion faded.

He used to say her hair had captured the sunshine it would gleam from all of its perfection, Yet he never really seemed to notice the moment it began to gray.

Her smile used to enrapture him and capture the world, Yet he didn’t seem to notice when it slipped away, replaced with a permanent frown.

Once upon a time she dreamed and she dreamed big, Yet he didn’t seem to notice when her dreams became nightmares, always out of reach.

She never used to cry because she was filled with joy and love, Yet he didn’t seem to notice when her constant tears stained the marital bed.

She was happy and content the day they said I do, Yet he didn’t seem to notice the moment her heart was broken in two.

She was too busy doing her duty as a wife, a mother, a lover, to really see what she had lost, Yet he never seemed to notice she had become nothing more than a maid, a babysitter, his whore.

With all the things he had forgotten to see, is it really such a surprise, he never noticed when she was gone.