I woke up a few months ago with the overwhelming feeling that I was going to die. It was so bad for days I would start to hyperventilate for no reason. This feeling haunted me for weeks, I was sick to my stomach for the most of it. Then the feeling subsided and I just thought maybe I was finally cracking up and the feeling I was having was just a part of that.

Then recently, like in the last week, I stepped off the sidewalk in front of my house as I was heading for my car and my left foot went one way and the rest of me went the other. I scraped up my right knee and leg pretty bad but my left foot was fractured and bruised all to hell.

Four days later and it is still swollen horribly bad and the bruising has only gotten worse since. Everyone that knows me well has all chalked it up to me being a klutz, yet, it got me thinking about those couple of weeks I was paralyzed with the fear that death was upon me.

A shiver ran down my spine as I thought about all the things that have happened to me since then. I cut my hand shortly after and for the first time in my life had to have stitches, then in January, my car went off into a ravine due to the ice and snow, not a ditch, a ravine, and now this. All in a matter of five months. It feels as if death is just toying with me now. The really weird part is that I had a dream just two nights before my foot accident that I had sprained it and was on crutches. Was this some sort of premonition? As I am now on crutches.

Should I be afraid? Or this all just a big coincidence? Please let me know your thoughts on this anytime as with this new development sleep eludes me once again…



I feel DEPLETE of energy, of magic, of the fire, I once held for you.

There are no more words to describe the two of us. There is only pain and suffering.

Your ability to rob me of my happiness, is awe inspiring.

With one quick-witted word, you cut me deep.

I bleed for what once was, for what we are now, and what we might’ve been.

We are nothing more than a modern-day tragic love story.

The SONG in my heart no longer plays the song of love, it now carries the deep baritone song of death.

The death of our love, once strong as oak. Now withers in the winter winds.

It was you and I against the world, now it’s just me standing alone and bitter.

I hope you find what you’ve been searching for since we both know it isn’t me.

As for me, I fear I will remain, nothing more than a DEPLETED LOVE SONG!

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It all started with this OWL! I was driving back from somewhere toward my house one evening at the end of the summer when something large with a huge wingspan cut across the front of my car. It was something that moved so swiftly in the dark I couldn’t tell what it was. I stopped so suddenly as to not collide with the beast and almost soiling myself in the process.  I slowly turned my head and there, upon the telephone wire sat, a great big owl. I slowly got out of my car turning on my camera on the phone and with bated breath snapped this photo. He didn’t seem fazed by all the commotion and in fact looked at me as if I were nothing more than a blip on his night. I having, never seen an owl before in real life was left breathtaken and a little curious that he didn’t seem to be afraid of me. He seemed to see into me and a shiver actually went down my spine.

Being more than a little creeped out I slowly backed away and got back in my car and drove home. A part of me shaken to my very core not understanding why? It was just a bird, right? I phoned my friend and relayed the events that had happened and she said, “you know in some cultures seeing an owl is a sign of death.”  Not knowing any of this I, of course, googled it and I wish I hadn’t. You see just a couple of weeks before this I had an overwhelming sense of dread. I had a feeling that I was about to die. I didn’t know how, I didn’t know when, but I felt a certainty unlike anything else I have ever felt in my life. I am still scared of it.

So you can understand that I was more than a little shaken by the news I found on Google. Here is what I found.

Some native American tribes (which I do have a lot of Native American in me). For instance, believe that dreaming of an owl signified approaching death. Boreal owl calls were a call spirits to the Cree people, and if you answered back with a whistle and didn’t get a response, it was a sign that your death was imminent.

Also, owls were associated with witchcraft. Greeks and Romans believed witches could turn themselves into owls, and in this form would come and suck the blood of babies. In other cultures, owls were simply messengers of witches or hooted to warn the approach of a witch.

Some Romans associated owls with the goddess Athena, wisdom, and prophecy.

This is the one that got me cause my friend and I was just talking about it before “the incident” it was that the Ancient Christians saw owls as a sign of evil and linked then with Lilith, Adam’s first, disobedient wife.

There is so much lore, centered around the owls that by the time I read through everything my head was spinning, but he seems to now be following me. I am more than a little freaked out now. It’s as if he doesn’t want me to forget him or something. Because owls keep popping up everywhere in my life. To show you what I mean I am going to add some pics I took of different owls and you can tell me an I worrying for nothing?


There is one pic I don’t have it was right after this incident I had all but forgotten the creepiness of the evening but then I went to work one morning and a friend of mine walked past me and there on her shoulder was an owl purse. Same beady eyes as the real one, but this was only the beginning.

The next one is about a week or so later and I have a pic of it. I went to the doctor to get stitches and as I looked up there at the entrance to the waiting room was a painting of a whole family of freaking owls.


Then came the ads on tv. This one was an insurance commercial.


This one is self-explanatory.


Then came my favorite way to procrastinate (while I am not writing) the tv shows. Granted I have only seen them on two tv shows but they are there every time I watch. This one is 2 Broke Girls see what is behind her on the counter yup it is another owl. I have another pic of the same episode with a shot of an owl on the fridge but I cannot find it at the moment.


Then there is THE BIG BANG THEORY! Look at the table owl salt and pepper shakers. There is another episode where she is in the apartment she had and it does a screen shot of her at the kitchen island with green owl salt and pepper shakers but I never captured that one.


Then there is this one same episode but look what is hanging on the wall behind him.


Then there is my everyday life. My favorite place in the world my used bookstore where I do my open mike poetry nights. The place where I go to unwind and relax. My church so to speak and now it too has been riddled with owls.


And I stopped by there this morning and what do you know right in front of me the owner’s newest addition to the store. Another freaking owl!


Annnd last but I am certain not the least. I was scrolling through stuff on Google this morning after that last pic when I came across the Native American Animal signs. I am not an owl but my best friend who just had her birthday on Saturday is. Ironically the pic looks just like the one I saw that first night, but in a drawing form. Here is that pic.


I am losing my mind here. Please, someone, tell me this is not something I should worry about or is it much like you know when you buy a car and you never see that type of car. Then suddenly because you have one they are everywhere. Am I subconsciously seeking them out? I don’t feel as if I am and yet, they seem to be haunting me. Everywhere I go. Is my madness finally kicking in by way of a night flying bird? Or do I really need to be watchful of falling beams and such? You tell me. Any input would be greatly received.


I was buried in a shallow grave.  A dog found me while its owner was taking him for a walk while simultaneously jogging. I could feel his wet nose press against my skin and hear his bark to his master signaling that he had found something peculiar. A quick gasp and a shout and I could tell the jogger had found me. I could hear him dialing on his cell phone telling 911 that he had found a dead body, on the jogging trail in Central Park. The sirens soon began to pierce my ears and as they got closer and closer I became anxious. I tried to speak to let them know I was in fact still alive, but no sound escaped me. I tried to move but there was nothing.

Panic set in, as I hear doors slamming and other voices I just know they would take me to the morgue thinking I am already dead. I felt a sudden heat over my face and quickly realized someone was breathing over me. I felt plastic fingers checking for a pulse and orders being shouted to get a gurney over here now. The technician’s voice soothed me as he let someone else know there was a pulse but it was thready. I could hear metal clicking together as the weight of the dirt was lifted off of me. Now exposed completely to the world I felt naked but knew help was here to help me. Pain seared my arms and legs as they very slowly lifted me out of the earth the twigs and leaves scraping my already damaged skin.

I was lifted up and then placed on something soft and comfortable. Then slammed into the back of the ambulance, my body jolted but being this close to death I no longer felt it. The siren started again as I was raced to the hospital all the while I could hear the EMT’s and what I am assuming a police officer conversing. I caught snippets of the conversation as I went in and out of consciousness. There was something about a serial killer, still on the loose, and I had been the seventh body to be found. According to the officer, I was the only one he had left alive, and judging by the way he had left me he thought I was dead.

What they do not know is that I can’t die. Something happened in the midst of my death. I stepped away from my body and as I watched the blood pour out of me and the killer smile his evil smile as he buried me in my shallow grave I was visited by an Angel. One that was there to take me away but my refusal to do so left him intrigued and so he gifted me with the ability to walk between the veil of life and death. To be able to snatch life away and bring death down upon the earth if I so chose to or vice versa. As the ambulance stopped I was rushed to the hospital soon there were needles being poked in my arm I.V. drips being added. I spent the next several weeks going in and out of consciousness waiting for the day I cold open my eyes and speak.

Today I was released, I gave my statement to the nice policeman and as I listen to them all say it was a miracle that I survived I know now why I had. I was meant for more than just being a victim. I was meant to right the wrongs, and punish those slip past the law. I was plastered all over the news so by now my, would be killer knows he fucked up. He should have really checked for a pulse before he left me there like a dog to die, and now I know his name as well. I now walk the night in the shadows of life and death, that is my purpose. I round the corner of the alley where he first grabbed, a wicked smile curves my mouth as the moonlight shines down on me. I am watching, waiting, for my murder and I whisper, in the dark “Come to me, my sweet death awaits you, and I am she!”





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It is inevitable that we will die! No one lives forever! How and when that is the question all of us have thought at one time or another.   The inevitability that with every birthday we are one step closer to our soul departing our body for something better. What happens after we die? It is the greatest mystery there is! Will we linger like ghosts, will we get on that stairway to heaven? Will we get turned away at the pearly gates for all our misdeeds and take that elevator that only goes one direction. Down!

The inevitability that with every birthday we are one step closer to our soul departing our body for something better. What happens after we die? It is the greatest mystery there is! Will we linger like ghosts, will we get on that stairway to heaven? Will we get turned away at the pearly gates for all our misdeeds and take that elevator that only goes one direction. Down, into the fire pit that awaits us.

We have dove down to the deepest depths of the ocean. We have climebed the highest mountains. We have flown into outer space. Yet, death is the biggest mystery left to discover.

Once we find out the answers to all our questions we will not be able to share them because well, we will be dead. Everyone leaves this world in the same unique way they came into it, alone!

Everyone must go through it and while it is sad to leave loved ones behind. It will be the greatest mystery solved! Although I am in no hurry to solve this particular mystery. I know deep down in the end it will be inevitable…

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