Just call me grand!

Today was a apecial day. Today I became a grandmother for the 1st time. I cried tears of joy mixed with sadness that I couldn’t be there to hold my daughter’s hand. For those of you that know me know I don’t cry very often or even show emotions to well. Yet, today I was an open fountain of emotion and tears. It got me thinking of the bittersweet moments when my daughter was born sheer days before I gave her up for adoption. Twenty-two years ago.

Today I feel blessed to be in her life and to see my grandson in all his tiny perfection just like his mama was all those years ago.

I cannot even begin to describe the overwhelming joy it has brought to my soul. There are no words to describe how I feel about life continuing beyond me with these two precious gifts in my life.

Tears spring to my eyes at the thought of this amazing circle of life and even though I didn’t raise her I feel privileged and humbled that she wants to be in my life and wants her baby boy to know me.

I am feeling blessed today. No amount of pain I expereinced in my youth at the hands of those that claim they love me will tarnish this day.

For I am not only a mother made whole by my daughter and I reconnecting and having such a good relationship. It is a bonus that I get to form a relationship with my grandson too.

This last year has been an amazing journey and in this moment. My daughter has once again saved me. She has all but erased a painful past with our fresh start and the hope of new beginnings.

So once again thank you Sarah for making me a mother and now a grandmother. It is the best gift I could ever recieve.

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