Fall is my favorite time of year! The crisp cool weather not to hot not to cold, it is just right. The leaves such beautiful hues, colors that can not be duplicated in their intensity. No matter how hard we try.

Yet, Fall also means something else, doesn’t it? Something darker, colder, more sinister. It means the cruel death of Winter is on its way. While the colors on the leaves are beautiful it just means they are already, dying. Being drained of all the life they once held in the greenery of rebirth. Now they are just an empty husk of what they once were. The tiny veins once plump and coursing with chlorophyll, now dry and brittle.

Watching these leaves descent to the ground in their one and only flight in life brings sadness to my heart. Seeing them laying on the cold earth now cracking and crumbling like ashes make me weep over the loss. Soon the trees will be bare and my yard nothing more than a graveyard of brown, memories of a past filled with life. As Winter approaches and we pray for Spring and new life. Just remember death is not far behind.

I guess this is the circle of life, we are born, we live, and then inevitably, we die. We only have to look at the trajectory of a single leaf to know this.


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