Darkness and Madness

As night falls like midnight , I once again walk alone in the darkness.

My mind is empty of all the things I wish I said, when the sun was warming me, filling me up with its light.

But now, here in the cold dark night, no words fill me. My mind is a sea of nothingness. With its vast empty space.

Don’t get me wrong there is the occasional arrant thought. Depressing as it is it flutters out just as quickly as it fluttered in with the speed of dragonfly wings.

Oh how the night beckons me with its wickedness, yet I crave the healing rays of sunshine on my spine. Creeping along my shoulders an old friend welcoming me into his warm embrace.

My days are getting shorter and my nights are getting longer. How long will I have to wait? Before there is no more light.

The darkness is trying to gobble me up mind, body, and soul. Driving me to madness. I fight it when the sun is at its best and it has given me the strength to fight back the blackness of the night.

Yet, the second the sun goes down the darkness is back with a vengeance. Clawing its way into my mind clouding my heart till it turns to stone. I can feel it hardening further with each passing day.

How long till I am just a walking mindless corpse. Writhing in pain only the darkness provides?

I may never know until it happens. In the meantime I guess it’s safe to say that darkness and madness go hand in hand.


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