I wish I were in a PARALLEL universe. Where I had my own special GENIE that would grant me unlimted wishes.

Where there are fields I could run and play in, filled with black tulips and red daisies. The petals turn to liquid paint at the touch of my hand.

The sun would stream down brighter than my own and leave me feeling happy all the time and it would never burn.

When it rained it would rain a mixture of the most crisp pure water healing my aches and pains and the sweetest tasting gumdrops.

When night fell it wouldn’t be just one moon I could gaze upon lovingly but three. All smiling down upon me as if to say, “eveything will be okay.” I would chase their multi- colored moonbeams in the dark.

My pet would be a purple dragon that would zip me across the sky in a heartbeat. The green liquid fire she breathes is really the fountain of youth. I would bathe in her fire every chance I got.

I would go to sleep in giant pink Willow trees. I would bend them to my will, and they would wrap me up in a cocoon of featherlike leaves. I would become one with a sea of cotton candy.

The lakes and rivers would be filled with chocolate milk and marshmallows and as I walk along their teal beaches. I would be picking up bottles of alcohol instead of seashells.

Rainbows would never disappear, and you would always find a pot of gold at the end of them.

The wind would sing me sweet lullabies. As it gently caressed my face and ran its fingers through my hair. Soothing my battered soul.

The libraries would be filled to the brim with all my favorite stories. You only have to open the book for the story to come alive.

But, wait. I can do that now, as a reader I can imagine I’m there. As a writer I can create this world with only the click of my pen and my limitless imagination…

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