My head is buzzing driving me to madness. There is something there just out of my intellectual grasp. Whether it is greatness or insanity. I guess only time will tell.

I CRANK out the correct interactions with others but inside a war wages on. This battle of wits I play with my mind has become a dangerous game.

My memory has begun to fail me and I feel I am on the cusp of…something. I just can’t quite remember what that something is right now.

My fingers rake down my face and somehow end up embedded in the mass of curls atop my head.

I am screaming inside as the incessant bzz bzz buzzing gnaws at me and eats away at my soul.

Darkness clouds my mind, and I can’t help the blackened sewage that pours from my mouth gagging me in the process.

My skin crawls with electricity or the beginning metamorphosis of my demise.

My blood races through my veins, scalding every nerve that has ceased to fire in my head.

Is this the buzzing I hear? Has my brain finally shorted out? Is this how all writer’s feel in the end?

Do they stop writing because there is nothing left to say? Or have they just simply forgotten how to describe in perfect detail the setting of the sun?

Either way. Sadness leaks into my pores at the thought. How is it I finally have the courage to follow my dreams? It appears my own mind will rob me of that chance.

I wonder how long it will be until it’s just me and the buzzing in my head?

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