I feel DEPLETE of energy, of magic, of the fire, I once held for you.

There are no more words to describe the two of us. There is only pain and suffering.

Your ability to rob me of my happiness, is awe inspiring.

With one quick-witted word, you cut me deep.

I bleed for what once was, for what we are now, and what we might’ve been.

We are nothing more than a modern-day tragic love story.

The SONG in my heart no longer plays the song of love, it now carries the deep baritone song of death.

The death of our love, once strong as oak. Now withers in the winter winds.

It was you and I against the world, now it’s just me standing alone and bitter.

I hope you find what you’ve been searching for since we both know it isn’t me.

As for me, I fear I will remain, nothing more than a DEPLETED LOVE SONG!

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