Andie watched as the FROTH spilled down the side of her untouched beer.

Thinking it would give her courage to do this, she now sat in front of the frosty mug not even able to bring herself to drink the inticing amber liquid.

How could she go through with this when she couldn’t even drink the beer. Silly flirtation is one thing but meeting someone in a hotel bar. Knowing it will end with the two of them headed up to one of the luxurious suites to sleep together is a whole other ballgame.

Both of them were married, not happily but married nonetheless. This was wrong on so many levels and yet, she could not for the life of her move from the stool.

She met Kyle on a business trip in Sante Fe and they had instantly clicked. They had talked until the birds were chirping and the sun was coming out by the end of the evening she knew she was in trouble.

As fate would have it they both lived in New York, funnily enough in Manhattan to be exact. Andie didn’t know if it had been the sprawling desert and the godlike sunrise that made her want Kyle until she bumped into him again on the bustling streets of New York City. He took her breath away.

It clearly wasn’t the exotic locale that caused her heart to skip a beat. It was, in fact, the man in question.

He was a man, unlike any other man she had ever met before. Including her husband who had been her high school sweetheart. She thought maybe that was why she had been drawn to Kyle having been with only one man her entire life. Maybe, she was bored but then something happened.

She began to think of her life with Matt and realized something was terribly wrong. She was not in love with him nor had she been for several years, if ever. She couldn’t even remember the last time they had sex. They had been so busy climbing their respective corporate ladders to even notice they were just roommates buying a house together.

Theirs had been a marriage of convenience. Becoming a stereotype, they had gotten pregnant her senior year of high school. After they did “the right thing” and married after both of their parent’s insistence, in an ironic twist of fate just weeks later she lost the baby. Claiming they didn’t marry just because she was pregnant they stayed together. Even after she found out there would never, be any babies.

Now here it is 20 years later and they were virtual strangers living together. There were days, weeks, even months when they didn’t even speak to one another. They had been going through the motions so long they were just playing at marriage at this point.

Yet, she still felt guilty for sitting here waiting for another man. Over the last week, she had been asking herself the question over and over, “What if you find the love of your life and you are already married to someone else?” What then? Was she supposed to live the rest of her life miserable? Or could she finally have love? The last question is the one that ultimately brought her to this stool right here right now.

Andie had come to the conclusion after several months of guilty phone calls and not so innocent coffee dates. That she was indeed in love with Kyle.

Even with her sham of a marriage. She believed in honoring marriage vows, and cheating was a big no, no in her book. Especially when she would also be deemed the other woman.

As Kyle was married, also not happily married, but he had two daughters as well. She would not only be betraying his wife but his daughters too. If she followed through with this here today.

One lone tear tracked down her face, she swiftly swiped it away as she grabbed her purse. Decision made she threw money at the bar and headed out of the hotel at a rather brisk pace. Before she ran into Kyle and her resolve crumbled to dust.

She had been in a loveless marriage this long what’s a few more years. She was not going to be the girl that split up a family, no matter how much she wanted the man. After all, it was better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all right?

She would continue to love him from afar, and with that sobering thought, the tears she had kept in check so perfectly began to fall. As she stepped into a waiting cab and it began to pull away from the curb.

She didn’t see Kyle racing into the hotel to join her seconds later.

They were just two ships passing in the night. Maybe in the next life, she thought. Maybe then she would be braver. Maybe then she would not always do the right thing. Maybe then she would be a little selfish and go for what she wanted. But maybe then they would not be the same. Sometimes you don’t always get a happily ever after, that’s life. Either way, her life was now changed forever. She may not have the man of her dreams but she did have dreams and it was not to late to follow them. As for her heart, it would always belong to the man she met in Sante Fe…

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