Our love swiftly became toxic.

What was once a promising flower budding in the spring,

turned to deathly remains withered in the cold winter.

We were thought to be happy once, with stars in our eyes and the world at our feet,

Then as if a dream turned nightmare the illusion shattered with the poisonous strike of an adder.

We became toxic to one another and then, the world, driving each other to utter madness. We spread the misery like a plague, infecting others with our deadly virus.

We watched with bated breath, as the world crumbled around us, into a fiery plume of despair. We watched it burn to cinders while we laughed our maniacal laugh.

We became the demons we accused each other of being, with no way of stopping the train of destruction that was us. W crashed head-on staring helplessly at our dismembered love.

The lifeless corpse of our love lay shattered on the ground. Broken bones and broken promises. All just scattered remnants of our toxic love.

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