Here it is. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  He created the moon, the stars, the everything in between. He created every living creature that roamed the earth and dominated the seas. He created every living plant that he grew from just a seed.Before he rested he created man whom he gave dominion over all the creatures, plants, all living things upon the earth. The key words here being upon the earth! This is the basis of our existence. No matter what religion you are, no matter what Gods you pray to. In some form or another, this is how we, humanity, began.

Much later he gave us commandments which to abide by, rules, just like any parent would give their child so they don’t misbehave. Yet, just like our children, we feel the need to push the limits of those rules. Maybe it is in our nature, maybe we just don’t like rules. Unlike the punishment for our children, however, our punishment for breaking God’s rules could very well damn our souls.

I grew up an avid Pentecostal or ‘holy roller” if you will. I grew up thinking that the Bible was it. The end all be all of everything. That it is and was the only thing we should be turning to when it comes to God and religion. As I got older though the world changed for me. I knew even at a young age in my heart of hearts something was missing.

Was it God trying to keep me balanced and on the right track? Who knows. All I know is that after discovering that the Romans put together the books as the Bible we now know and that they removed several books to suit their own personal gain. I look at it differently now. I am not saying that the Bible isn’t true but how can I not question why they did this? Or the bigger question is what’s missing?

Since the dawn of time man has looked to the sky to answer the ultimate question. Where do we come from? While I believe there is yes, still a mystery there I know the answers lie among us. We just have to find them is all. Like finding the lost book of Enoch. There was such a hoopla about it and it is a very interesting read. It does fill in some of the blanks of the little mentioned of Enoch in the Bible.

This got me thinking. You know I was trained in Church that you can read a scripture in the Bible a hundred times and come up with a new meaning every single time. Why is that? I truly believe it is because a man took the actual books of the Bible and conformed it to how they wanted it to read. There is just enough confusion in it so that you never see the truth. That there are huge gaping gaps in the Bible. I am not being blasphemous here or want to be, but if that is what you are thinking right now it is because that is the way you were trained. By “religion”.

Religion is just a word, you know it only has meaning because you give it that power. I I found myself lost and confused at the tender age of 19 about this whole “religion” thing and so I prayed on it. The outcome was astounding and changed the way I view the word “religion” forever. From that moment on I was no longer a Pentecostal, Or Baptist, or any label. My relationship with God is a personal one. That is all anyone needs to know about it.

My friend and I have discussed the holes in the Bible many times and right now she is voraciously reading any scroll, any ancient text, any lost book of the Bible she can get her hands on. I, however, find it fascinating that I can, in fact, read the Bible with new eyes and see for myself the crumb of truth that lies between the pages. Once the rose-colored glasses come off, and you expand your mind to the possibility of Angels walking among us, that maybe Eve wasn’t Adam’s first wife, that there were giants roaming the earth, that Moses was actually a Pharoh at one point, you start to see a bigger picture. One that we haven’t even scratched the surface of yet, and that the clues are in the very Bible that we hold so dear to us. That is where the Romans made their mistake when putting the books together and editing it.

They left just enough information in there so that with an open mind, not the one they hypnotized us to have we see the truth. Or at least the part they shared with us in the Bible. I will say when beginning this journey much like my friend I felt guilty, or even blasphemous. Yet, every new discovery I make fits with the previous puzzle piece confirming each one like a chain of events I cannot stop unraveling. I question everything nowadays not because I am trying to be blasphemous but because I seek the truth. I know where I come from it states in Genesis where I come from. I seek the background the evolution of man that got me here today. I seek the knowledge of my ancestors. Am I the product of a long forgotten civilization or are my origins deeper, darker than that?

Just by reading Genesis with my new eyes there are more questions and that is just in chapter 1. There is so much more to discover, and with every new discovery, I am one step closer to my origins. I leave you with this Spirituality is a part of us. Your relationship with God should be a personal one. Don’t be afraid to question what you’ve been taught. Look for your own answers. They are there waiting for you to discover them. When you feel the ring of truth click into place inside our soul. You know you are on to something. Don’t be bogged down with such labels as “religion”. Remember the basics the rules God set before us. For in the end that is all that matters.



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