I met someone at my new job that talks about GOD all the time. He is one of those rare souls that was given the oppurtunity to see the underside of hell and come out of it a changed man. God has shown him that things are not always as it appears to be. He has witnessed for himself the true demons that walk among us the true power God holds he is a rarity among the living. Yet, until today everytime he would talk about God and his miracles. I would tend to roll my eyes and think ” not this guy again!” Even though I believe with every part of me he speaks the truth. Why is that?

   I still can’t fathom why, is it embarrassment I feel, talking about such a sensitive subject within a diverse group of people, considering how the world is today. Who knows, but as I was talking to two new young guys their eyes lit up and as we began a rather intense conversation about where we come from and all that I began to feel as I always do when speaking of things about our history I know in my heart to be true. I felt revived, alive and happy to be so. I saw the look on their faces and I had to share more of the knowledge that I had. They were thirsting for the word of God and I was glad I was able to help quench that thirst. If only for a little while. As that hunger, that thirst to know God is always present. 

   Later in the day, as I ran into the man that started it all the friend that talks about God all the time, I began to smile. You see everytime I haven’ talked about God in a while, everytime I feel depressed or alone in this world. He reminds me that he is always there. It wasn’t about me thinking “oh this guy again!” It was about me not feeling as if God was there for me. Yet, once again he reminded me he never left me. I had just stopped paying attention to him.

   It is an amazing feeling to know no matter how low you get. There is always someone there in your corner. So thank you friend for reminding me. That God is always watching!


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