The dewdrops fall like midnight rain,

As I step deeper into the woods with nothing but a flimsy nightgown to protect me from the elements.

The fog rolls in thickening to a soupy consistency,

I realize I have had this dream before, or rather a nightmare.

As I throw caution to the wind and all but disappear in the foggy mist guided only by the pale moonlight.

I for the first time in my life,  am not afraid.

There are no demons from a past long forgotten surrounding me.

There is only peace and my soul rejoices that for once it is just me standing in the nightmare of what once was. Enjoying a late night stroll as it should be.

I am alone with my thoughts, that once upon a time were so chaotic, I knew one day they would drive me mad.

Sticks and stones penetrate my fragile feet,  as I walk barefoot through the forest yet I don’t feel a thing.

My soul has been released and I become lighter than air the darkness can no longer touch me. I am filled with my very own light.

I exude its blinding brightness and once again I rejoice in the knowledge that I am free.

Free of my worst nightmares. I faced them head on and they didn’t break me. They strengthened me. I gobbled them up in the darkness of what once was my soul.

I could feel them weakening as I grew stronger. Now, I am unstoppable, here in the dark, I can finally see the light.

My light, and it is beautiful.






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