Yesterday did not go so well on the smoothie front. As it was my first time ever making one it was kind of a flop. I had accidentally grabbed Raspberries instead of Blueberries and when I tried to use them anyway it didn’t work out so well.

Never, ever, use frozen Raspberries as there are tiny little seeds throughout and you can’t eat them and I am guessing they don’t digest well. You will be picking the little seeds out until at least the next day.

I am not discouraged though, I did follow with the rest of my regimen. I ate a salad with some tuna creations thrown in for lunch and after getting off work at 8 PM I still forced myself to go to the gym for almost an hour. My calves are killing me today and other parts of me that I didn’t know I had. I did feel a moment afterward of utter bliss. That is my motivation for today. I am just going to push through the pain and try again today to more than yesterday.

I know where I went wrong with the smoothie so I will be doing a do-over today! Update tomorrow if everything goes SMOOTHLY! Get it! LOL!


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