You know I never understood when someone says they hate music! Whaaattt? Listening to some excellent tunes right now and after the week I’ve had, I need it. I need some time to just unwind and music does that for me. Of, course, some Peach flavored Vodka is also helping, but music, music is universal. A good song whether it be a slow jam or just something down and dirty it speaks to that deep primal part of us that we all have. Sitting alone, clearing my head over my latest writing project, I need something to cleanse my pallet. The pallet of my mind. Just kick back relax to some good tunes and chill.

It is pretty amazing I mean one minute I am rolling my hips to the musical stylings of TECH N9NE and the next I am silently screaming girl power while Kelly Clarkson Catches her breath. Music is the only thing that can make you an emotional wreck one minute and the next you are getting the party started! It is an escape for someone like me that can not sing but with a little liquid courage, I am a superstar. I have no coordination either but when the right song comes along… shiiittt!  I am de bomb!  If I want to travel back in time I just play some Michael or Mariah. The memories flood back and I can almost taste the air from a time when they entered my world.

Also, whatever mood I am in, there’s a song for that! If I am in the mood to kick up some dust Brookes and Dunn will Boot Scoot and Boogie their way to the top of my playlist. If I want to go dark Theory of a Deadman is not Sacrificing anything to be by my side. If I want to be an Animal Maroon 5 is there. I can get lost in all my favorites and just veg out. It gives me the courage to face everything that will come in the light of day.  The kids, the spouse, the new job.  I can handle it all after a few great tunes blast in my ears. That chapter that I am not quite sure what to do with, after a few (or several) rewrites, it doesn’t matter, because I am imagining myself in a flash mob singing Want You Back with Cher Lloyd herself! All my problems, all my issues poof gone, with a few bars of my top 40! So, if you’re, feeling down or stressed out just plug in your earphones pull up your playlist and hit play. Music is not ageist, I don’t care how old you are, find the song that makes you sing, and sing. Sing as if no one is watching, dance as if no one is watching and find your peace.

By the way, what is your favorite song?


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