He had waited patiently the entire evening. He had wined and dined her to the point of exhaustion. How the hell humans ever took the time to do this thing they called dating was beyond him.

His patience now growing thin, they were finally coming to the close of the date and his favorite part. The moment he would kiss her sweetly and send her on her way. Yet, Dominic had other plans for this little minx of a creature that had been torturing him for months with her high skirts and her neckline revealing blouses.

Thinking of her neckline reminded him of the pulse that beat just under her jaw line. Ahhh, the jugular. He had avoided feeding on humans for 200 years now ever since the invention of the damned synthetic blood bag. He had been a good boy. Didn’t he deserve one little bite?

He could already feel her blue-black blood turning crimson as it hit the air and filled his mouth with a warm metallic wonder he never could quite understand. She cleared her throat and he realized momentarily she had been talking and was now expecting a response when the action of her throat clearing suddenly jerked his attention back on all that creamy whiteness and the elixir that lay just under it.

She cleared her throat once more and he forced himself to raise his face up to focus in on her beautiful one of a kind hazel eyes. “Hu Huh?”, he stuttered. I’m sorry I was distracted by your beauty what did you say?”

A slow smile began to play across her face the ire of his nonattentive behavior disappearing with the compliment. “Oh,  she said suddenly with a coquette air about her. “I just wanted to know if you wanted to come in for a nightcap. Do you?”

Oooh, He thought an invitation, even better than a drain and dash on her front porch. A wicked smile erupted on his face as he whispered,”Yeah sure!” With a gleam in her eye, she turned to unlock the door and enter with him following closely behind. “This was going to be a great date after all!” he thought as he slowly closed and locked the door behind him his fangs elongating even before the tumbler finished locking them inside for the night. There was nothing like the slow drain of life to put him in the mood…








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