The sun’s rays beat down on me from my spot on the beach. The exposure almost too much to bare as I hadn’t seen the sun in over 50 years. Today was the day. The day I and the rest of the world would get to see the dawn of a new sun. The rising and setting of its first appearance. The memory f its beauty I thought long forgotten came flooding back as the tears began to flow.

I, now and old man cried, cried that I had actually lived to see a sunrise again. I cried for those that have never seen a sunrise before. The collected breath catching along the beach was breathtaking. People just stopped and stared as the sun began to rise over the ocean and crest the water as if rising from its murky too long black depths. We were all mesmerized!

Since our own sun burnt out 50  years ago mankind was thought to have died ou, most of us did and yet, here we are. Not quite human anymore but we survived, survived the onslaught of a world turned cold and bitter. A world where nothing survived but us that turned, turned into what I like to call super human!


With our psychic abilities and our extra strength, we now rule the world a world filled with nothing but us. As all plant life and animals have died off due to the sun blinking out of its existence so long ago. We no longer represent the human race we once were we are something more. Something dark, something special.

I am glad to see that we now have a new sun, but what will that mean for us? What will it mean for those of us that have survived the darkness to come out on the other side? Will we change back? Will we cease to exist? Who knows what the future holds for us but I know in this moment I am more human than I have been in 50 years as the sun’s rays begin to fade into the sea while I witness the first setting of our new sun.


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