She was exquisite. Her beauty far surpassed the pimpled faced girl she was the last time Grant saw her. She came down the stairs with an air of sophistication he never knew was possible. The image of her running around naked in his family’s wading pool at the age of four to get the mud she had rolled around in from the night before’s heavy rain made him smile.

He was six years older than Eleanor and never thought of her in the terms of a sexual creature yet, the way the tendrils of her golden hair were coming out of her bun to caress her jaw had his pants tenting out in a very uncomfortable area. She reached the bottom of the stairs with a silence that echoed across the room. She was absolutely breathtaking all he could think about now was ravishing her ripping her clothes off and having his wicked way with her.

Yet, the thought of slowly slipping her out of that dress and all the layers underneath waiting with bated breath as she was unveiled to him inch by agonizing inch held a certain appeal to him too. Their eyes met and as she seemed to be making a beeline straight for him. He did an about-face toward the bar hoping she hadn’t seen the lust brewing in his eyes. A feather light touch tapped his shoulder just as her perfume wafted through his nostrils. Suddenly he could hear his heartbeat thundering through his ears and vibrating through to his now hard cock.

He turned sideways so as to hide his mounting erection under the bar. Greeting Eleanor with a cursory glance not wanting to let her see he was as horny as a damned teenager at just the sight of her. Then her lilting voice reached his ears and he almost panted right then and there.

“Grant is that you? It’s been a long time!” she said with her gentle voice. He looked at her through hooded lashes and agreed on a mumble. “I think the last time I saw you. You were breaking my young heart by telling me you were too old to be my boyfriend” she said with laughter in her voice.

“Do you still think I’m too young” she whispered as she leaned in nearly grazing his ear with her lips. He visibly shuttered at the proximity of her mouth and those lips. Did she purposely paint them that red?  Or did she wear that lipstick to torture him? She locked her eagle eyes on him as if she actually expected him to vocalize anything coherent right now. “I’ll tell you what. I am all grown up now and I have my own room here in the hotel. If you still think I am too young don’t follow me, but if I’m not and you want to do the same thing I have wanted for so long wait 10 minutes and come to room 1514. I’ll be waiting” she said her voice turning lusty.

Grant watched her walk away and down the corridor of the hotel. This party was a business party her father had invited him to and yet, all he could think about was the non-existent panty line he didn’t see when he watched the gentle sway of her perfect ass as she walked away.

Was he really going to do this? Hell yeah, he thought but knew it was his other brain thinking for him now. He was going to do things to sweet Eleanor she had only ever dreamed about. He looked at his watch with a groan. Man, this was going to be a long ten minutes…




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