I was gone! The minute I walked across that tiny stage and got my diploma. I left town and never looked back. There was nothing but dust in my tail lights. I swiftly moved out of state and away from my past.

Years, later I was teased relentlessly about how I said that when I left home I would never come home again, and no one believed me. Yet, I never did return home again! I never looked back in that rear view mirror back then. I was too afraid the possibility of turning into a pillar of salt just as I was finally leaving Sodom and Gomorrah.

Now, I know that is silly but I still haven’t looked back yet. There are no regrets! I am gone for a reason, Just as I am with past relationships or even jobs. Once I am mentally checked out I am gone.

Yes, those relationships happened and those jobs gained me experience but when I am done, I am done. There is no looking back or dissecting to see what went wrong. Maybe, I am wrong but why would you look back at a failed relationship or a job that didn’t quite fit? What’s the point? There is none! It will just drive you insane.

Yes, it is a little sad to leave friends you have made behind or that relationship you thought would last forever. Yes, I think it is healthier in these instances to never look back, I know I have been there!

I am in a situation at the moment with a job that is forcing me to mentally check out. I will miss all of the friends I have made and yet, I do anticipate the day I will be gone.


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