The year was 1976! I had just been born under the most egregious of circumstances and not knowing anything about the world as I had just been born I guess the fighter instinct was ingrained into my soul.

That was the year Rocky made its film debut along with The Omen, Taxi Driver, and The Outlaw Josey Wells. The presidential election between Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford took place. Carter a one-term Governor and peanut farmer from Georgia emerged as the ultimate political outsider and won in one of the biggest political upsets in the history of United States elections.Until now, of course! That was the year Apple Computer Company was formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. That was the year Nasa unveils the first space shuttle, the Enterprise. It was the year for such greats as Paul Simon, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Queen, and Abba. And the greatest thing of all my miracle birth!

It was a summer month when I was supposed to be born on Thanksgiving. The doctor’s never thought I would make it being born over two months early and only weighing in at just over two pounds. There was a  real question whether I would even survive the birthing process at all! Yet here I am! 40 plus years later and finally in a place where I can just breathe. (emotionally I mean)! It has been a long road and just when I think I am going to give up on life and the world. I am reminded about my birth.

Even then not knowing when or how or why I fought to stay alive, the point here is I fought. I fought with every beat of my tiny heart in my tiny chest. I have fought for many things in my life, the freedom to just be me, the struggle to find my place in the world, I have even fought for my own sanity growing up in a home filled with nothing but blood and pain.

Everytime, I get down on myself and those demons of my past raise their ugly heads. I try to not sweat the small stuff and remember I am a fighter. It was ingrained in me since my birth. I was born to fight! Fight for what I want, fight for my love, fight for my family! No matter what comes my way! What this new year will bring I am not sure! But you can be damned sure I am ready for it… And fight, fight if I must!

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