This is my year-end roundup of all the things I tried new this year.

  1. PUBLISHED A BOOK- It may be an ebook only but I did publish a book. Only at Barnes and Noble for 99 cents it is called SLIM PICKINGS.
  2.  SUSHI- I had it for the first time and I may need to take another pass at it.
  3.   OPEN MIKE NIGHT- I went to an open mike poetry night and it was simultaneously the most unnerving and exciting experience of my life.
  4.  READ MY POETRY- my poetry not someone else’s. I was nervous as hell but sometimes you gotta just rip off the band-aid and go for it.
  5. CHIROPRACTOR- I had a rib just pop out of place and was forced to go to a chiropractor. It was amazing! I may be a little addicted to getting my back cracked by a professional now.
  6.  ZUMBA- I took a Zumba class as I am a little overweight and my arthritic bones don’t move as well as they used to. I thought this would be awesome and It was. I actually made it through the whole hour. I may have been soaked with sweat at the end of it but it was soooo worth it. Everyone in the class was so welcoming too. I will be back.
  7.  KNITTING- Last year I learned to crochet and so this year I decided to take it a step further. I don’t have all the hand coordination  down though but I will get there.

That is it! It may not be a long list for the year but it is  the experiences I will carry with me always. I can’t wait to see what the next year holds in the way of new things for me. I think I may becoming addicted to new experiences…


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