“Hey let’s go see if he can tell us what a sunset is.” We run downstairs to

grandad and ask him to tell us the story. A distant look comes into his eyes as he says “Sunsets, Awe how I miss them!”  The last sunset I ever saw was the most beautiful sunset ever. That was the day we were plunged into darkness. It was a day unlike any other.

Hotter than it should have been for that time of year in early spring. The time of year where normally you would be out playing in what’s left of the dwindling Winter snow. Instead, you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. The sun seemed closer than usual and while I woke with a certain dread in the pit of my stomach, others were taking advantage of the unusual heat and playing in the water just to cool off.

I knew something was wrong when the sun failed to be in the location it’s been for eons around noontime. It was as if the earth had stopped turning and the sun was now a permanent fixture in the now low hanging clouds.

The year was 2020 and I had just turned twenty-one. The news reports had been stating that the sun was falling impossibly closer in the process causing the earth to heat up to  very uncomfortable temperatures.

They couldn’t say if the sun would actually explode or just disappear altogether. The apocalypse was nigh and for many, they chose to exit before  the end was actually here. For others, it was an opportunity to do whatever evil deeds they wanted to do.

I chose to soak up the day as if it would be my last, and for many it was. I can still feel those beautiful rays as if they pierced my skin and have me the last time I would ever have. I went down to the beach and watched as the waves lapped at my feet with their salty warmness.

I watched as for the first time in history the sun began to set in the opposite direction. I watched with bated breath as it kissed the horizon and lit up the sea with one final golden glow before it just winked out.

In that moment I knew, I knew I would never feel its sensual heat again. That was the day we were plunged into utter darkness and the world became something else. Eternal darkness with no hope of the daylight to chase it away again tends to bring out much more than we mere humans anticipated. It brings out the evil, vile creatures we never knew existed. Chasing what’s left of humanity down to the center of the earth just to survive.

We are all that’s left of what once was the top of the food chain. Somehow we survived, we survived for a reason life does find a way and I have every hope that one day, one day we will thrive again!”



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