Alexa stared into the beady eyes of her captor. The knight stank of mead and as he leaned down to check her bonds she could see the lice in his unwashed hair. He raised to his full height and a snicker escaped him as he leaned in attempting to kiss her, his gapped toothed mouth just a breath away. Cringing she closed her eyes unable to watch him move in for the kill.

When nothing happened she opened her eyes and he was staring at her now with simmering rage in his eyes. With a quickness she didn’t know he possessed he slapped her splitting her lip in the process. The contact on her cheek echoing throughout the forest.

“You, cringe at me, at me! Do you know who I am? I am your worst nightmare princess! I’ll show you just who I am!” He sputtered. A silver of fear ran down her spine as he began unbuckling his trousers.

Just then an ear-splitting scream rent the air. A shadow passed over the treetops and Alexa was suddenly afraid for a very different reason. Just as she looked up the forest came alive with fire. Only one little spot in front of her was bare. Encircling her with a ring of fire protecting her like a warm embrace or a distant lover.

Rendering her would be rapist to ashes in the space of a heartbeat. Smoke filled her vision and like a dream a sleek red dragon touched the ground. Stalking toward her with a purpose, she watched unbelieving as it slowly began to morph into the most beautiful man she had ever seen. He reached her and slowly, sensually untied her bonds eyes glittering with flames. His long onyx hair swaying in the embers of the fire he created. He bowed before her and in a deep booming voice said, “Sorry I’m late your highness but I am always at your service!”

Alexa smirked liquid fire coursed through her at the sound of his voice. “Who needs a knight in stinky armor, when you have your very own dragon”, she thought…


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