They were an irksome pair with all their love and light.

I watch them through hooded lashes a voyeur of sorts.

Their breathless kisses and provocative glances, leave nothing to the imagination.

The look of love in his eyes, so strong it almost pains me to watch.\

Drowning in my own self-loathing, I just know the pure love I am witnessing must be a trick of the mind.

Shades of tainted fury color my face, as the green-eyed monster that is envy, surges through me.

My furtive attempts to unmask this fallacy have proven I know nothing of love.

A resounding peel rings my ears and I feel the beginnings of my icy heart begin to melt.

As tears flow down like a river of lava, a sense of loss and regret washes over me.

She turns to face me and a shock runs through my soul at her familiar hazel eyes.

Joy overwhelms my heart as I realize she is me and that man, he is mine.

This vision of love and happiness in my heart, Unbelieving, yet knowing it is true.

That irksome couple no longer scare me, as a giggle escapes me and I wait, wait for the magic of our destiny together.



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