She sways to the beat of the crickets song as they sing her a lullaby.

She watches amazed as the fireflies dance their primal dance like fairies lighting up the twilight hours.

She bathes in the moonlight as it washes over her alabaster skin.

The cool breeze caresses her as a lover would graze her tender flesh.

The sweet perfume of honeysuckle tickles her senses and envelops her in its warm embrace.

She gazes into the fire hypnotized by its light, while the smoke wraps itself around her like a long lost friend.The hiss and crackle warm her soul.

The stars have all come out to play. With their twinkling laughter, covering her and the night sky like a blanket of comfort.

The night blooming jasmine has bloomed its final bloom, while the cicadas join the crickets in their serenade.

The world has come alive and she is intoxicated by all that this summer night has to offer.

The mingling scents invade, and her nostrils flare. A moan of pure ecstasy escapes her as she leans back on her chaise and basks in the glory that is the SUMMER NIGHT…




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