If Only I could rearrange , or compartmentalize if you will, all the things in my life!

There is never enough time in the day anymore! I get up, go to work, then go home again. Sounds simple enough right? WRONG! I get home from over eight hours of listening to people being complete morons and I hear  “I’m hungry. What’s for dinner” or ” I need help with my homework!” Or a million other things I am bombarded with the second I step through the front door!

Then my mind goes to all the things that need to be done before the next day begins and it starts ALL OVER AGAIN! Questions like is the laundry done and is there enough so I don’t have to do ant tonight? What do, I have to cook for dinner tonight? Do I have time to shower first ? The list goes on and on till I feel whiplash from my head spinning so fast?

There is never enough time for just me! Except late at night when I finally get my shower or bath after everyone else is tucked away with sugarplums dancing in their heads!

Forget about extra activities like writing, or just working out. I can’t even begin to  tell you when the last time I just sat and watched a movie. Maybe, someday I will be able to spend quality time alone with myself. But for now, I am enjoying the chaotic beauty of it all…

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