“Please see me”, she silently screamed! Willing someone, anyone to see her tears. Begging someone, anyone to wipe them away and shoulder her in their warm embrace.  She is now five and has already learned that life has handed her a crap hand. Hoping they will see the gaping wounds beginning to pierce her soul. If they could only see the bruises that now mar her childlike beauty.

So bogged down with misery is she that no one can see the beautiful  girl she is. They can’t see the light in her eyes as it slowly begins to fade into nothingness. Her kind heart now closing off to the world or the loneliness she will feel for many years to come. The tears flow freely as she once again whispers,”Please see me!”

“Please see me”, she screams in the silence of her room. Now, sixteen she weeps for the childhood she never had. She sobs for all the scars that now cover her soul. She is invisible in a world filled with people. Many of them pass by her every day never seeing the shattered heart she now possessesThey don’t see the fire although dampened trying to ignite in her eyes. They don’t see the stunning beauty she is becoming or that despite her life. The kindness she holds dear. Battered down for so long even she can’t see how valuable a person she is. As she cries into her pillow and while she drifts off into her dreams she whispers once again, “Please see me!”

“Please see me!” , she whispers alone in the dark. Now forty she has lived a life of heartbreak as well as love. She has known great love and is adored by her children. Yet, surrounded by candlelight alone in her bath she still feels as if no one really knows her. No one sees the fire in her belly and the sheer will she has to keep going and live, life to the fullest. No one sees the dragon she has reclaimed inside. Waiting breathlessly to discover her passions. No one sees she is much more than just a wife, and a mother. She is fire and ice, soft as a feather and hard as steel all at once. She is beginning to see that in herself she just wished others saw it too. As she whispers once again, “Please see me.”

Please see me became  world renown. Her novel one of many. Now old and on her death bed surrounded by her many loved ones. She is finally free. Unencumbered by past demons they no longer haunt her. She has loved with all of her and has been loved as well. She has spent a lifetime in the shadow of others. Alone inside herself no one really seeing who she really was. Until the end. Now here she lies surrounded by love never really being seen for the fighter she is. They still don’t see the fighter she is! They don’t see the strength she carried within her womb. Even she was shocked at the tenacity she had, to carry on despite the unseen depravities she has endured. She has made peace with  herself and has forgiven others for not having the capacity to look beyond her outer shell and truly see her. A smile spreads across her weathered face and her eyes light up with the burning embers of the fire that still rages within her as she whispers around her final breaths, “It’s okay that you don’t see me cause I see me”…


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