I saw these two words and had to put them together so here it goes.

I long for the Ancient Underground city beyond the wall. Where the humans play and frolic without a care in the world. I see them emerge once in a while to gather fruit from the orchard and wheat from their garden . I am envious of them and their simple ways.

Ever since the great war of 2020 nearly wiped them out I and others like me came to Earth to protect what’s left of them. At the time I was angry at them for killing one another damn near to the point of extinction. Needing others from other worlds to come and rescue them. Yet these past hundred years I have watched them grow in numbers once again and I am in awe of their resilience. Their life being so fragile but also having the capacity to overcome anything. It makes me smile and wish for the millionth time I was down there among them joining in on their game of tag or just the menial labor of putting food on the table so their children’s belly will be full when they lay them down to rest for the night.

I am jealous of the boy and girl that sneak out late at night to walk hand in hand in the moonlight stealing kisses by the creek. I watch as he brushes a stray lock of her hair behind her ear and I weep at the tenderness in their eyes as they gaze at one another lovingly.

This, this is why we saved them so long ago. For moments, like this. I am no longer angry I am just an observer watching as humanity slowly rises from the ashes like a Phoenix. I cherish each stolen glance, or each stolen memory I have of them once we are gone and they are strong enough to reign this world once again. I just hope they will be smart enough to cherish each moment as well and learn from their mistakes…





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<a href=””>Ancient</a&gt;




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