I love the way you dance in the breeze as if no one is watching.

I am in awe of your stubbornness to yield, your constant need to reach for the heavens never giving up in the face of such impossibility.

It is staggering the sheer strength y0u carry deep within your roots. The ability to weather any storm all the while giving me shelter from said storms. The seasons come and go though you may change. You still stand tall and proud, beautiful.

In Spring, I see you birthing new life. With all your darling buds and it gives me new hope that there will be a tomorrow. This is only the beginning.

In the Summer I am grateful for the shade you provide from the sweltering heat. I revel in all your leaves of green. As I see you in your prime.

Fall descends upon me and my first hint that it approaches is your once lush greenery has now become a myriad of vibrant colors. Others want to explain this change with scientific analogies but you and I both know it is God’s miracle. It has always astounded me how you just know when it’s time.

The first bite of Winter hits and a lone tear escapes my eyes. As I track your first dead leaves fall to their death on the cold unforgiving ground. I see you at your worst, naked and exposed to the elements. Yet, in the face of such adversity, you still stand tall, unwavering, formidable.

I spent every second of my youth waiting anxiously for each season. So I could witness all your magnificent splendor. Now a days I wish time would slow down so I could savor each moment I have left with you.

You were here before me, and you will be here long after I am dust my “Mighty Oak”. In the meantime, I’ll take what you can give me and learn from your solid foundation and reach for greatness…





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