She stood tall in her graceful elegance. Chin held high as she floated down the tapered staircase with the beauty of an eagle soaring through the clouds.

The red dress molded to her  just right. Her raven hair piled high with ringlets of curls framing her face. There were gasps from everyone as she descended the stairs. Every man wanted to bed her, every woman wanted to be her. Her emerald green eyes glittered with the sheen of life.

You would never guess that just the night before he had his hands wrapped around her slender throat screaming such things to her. Tears streaming down her face while black spots began to dance in front of those sad emerald eyes.

Hair disheveled from him dragging her down the stairs by her head. Snot bubbles escaping her nose as he continued to pummel her in the stomach. Wishing for death but at the same time praying, he doesn’t kill her, this time.

She knows this will be the last time, the last time she lets him place his hands on her, the last time she feels like nothing in the face of his anger, the last time she would be hurt by him again.

A tentative smile erupted on her face as she reached the bottom of the stairs. No one here knew she had finally been set free, no one knew she had put him in the ground. She was giddy at the thought of her future. sipping her champagne she was the picture of graceful beauty.


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