I’m tired of the facade. The facade that I have to put in place every day. Not for my benefit, for others. Why? Why do I put on the false  face and the fake smile just to please others?

I am sick of it! I strip false my false identity and take my place among those rare folks that are just… themselves. What you see is what you get.

I feel a sliver of anxiety when I tell you long lost friend that I am writing. Writing what you ask as you and I both know I have stories to tell. Do I tell you the truth or do I set your mind at ease with my false bravado over the fairytales I will also tell! You’re, questioning me over the content seems to be a voice of  concern or dare I say fear!

I can no longer pretend the past didn’t happen the crack in my falsehood has begun to spread and I can no longer contain the truth inside. I no longer fear you old friend but you should fear me, For the things, I will write about does not paint you in the flattering way you’re used to.

I would be sorry but I can no longer apologize for something I am not sorry for. This facade of perfection doesn’t exist.  I am flawed, but then again so are you. I don’t care what you think of me. Uh, I bet that is something you didn’t know about me!

You don’t know me like you think you do and honestly, I prefer it that way. I am who and what I am, I will no longer hide from it, I will no longer be afraid of it, I will no longer be ashamed of it!

Bet, you wish you hadn’t treated me the way you did back in the day now Huh!



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