Ashes to ashes, dust to dust or so the saying goes.

A young woman looks in the mirror day after day. The elasticity of her skin is perfection. Her alabaster skin glows with the promise of youth.

Suddenly I look and there is someone else is staring back at me. Older and greyer but the eyes, the eyes now full of wisdom have never changed.

My once lustrous raven hair is now adorned with streaks of silver as if decorated with tinsel. It has lost the sheen it once held.

My gums are now eroding from the wear and tear  of time. Like the weathered rocks along the seashore.

That extra chin that has erupted onto my face like a volcano. Where did it come from? It is an island unto itself!

I can now feel the changes in the whether by the bitterness in my bones. I envision them turning brittle the marrow being sucked out like a deflated balloon.

My once plump ample bosom has begun to let gravity overtake them. Devoid of sustenance for my children I fight their sagging trajectory daily with all the support only Hanes can supply.

The muscles in my arms and legs once tone and tan now jiggle as if made from the finest jello. When I rise in the morning I call it a victory that I can even get up at all. The aches and pains that gnaw at me, grate on my nerves. Yet, it is all drowned out by the snap, crackle, and pop I hear just by standing.

I watch as my midsection grows as if ripe with child, but alas, I am barren no children, no more. It’s just the weight of the world on my belly.

My body crumbles yet, my mind is strong.I may see the older version of what I once was in that damned mirror but in my mind. I am that same young twenty-something ready to take on the world.

My mind is strong and tricks me into doing things my body can no longer do. I take a pause, from the world, to just catch my breath. As I move slower now.

Then the inescapable question arises in the back of my still sound mind. How long before my body crumbles completely? How long before it finally gives out? 10, 20, a 100 years! How much time do I have left to conquer my demons, rise to the occasion, and live life to the fullest? How long do I have left to make my mark in this world?

This is my dilemma! How long before my body finally crumbles, and I am once again nothing more than the dust from which I came…


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2 thoughts on “BODY CRUMBLES

  1. So true. Growing older is what it is. We can hate it, fight it or simply embrace it and grow gracefully. I have chosen to grow with grace. It may not always find me perfect, and maybe, not even always find me with joy, but with grace, I have found I can rest at peace, because it doesn’t need a struggle. It only needs acceptance and a smile. It allows me to breathe a little lighter… 😉


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