Panic has set in. I have put a deadline on my story and ever since then I cannot write… anything! I am so disgusted with myself that I can’t even look at myself in the mirror anymore. I mean this is my story I am writing. My life and yet, I seem to have run out of material! How is this possible… Everyone says it’s okay maybe you need you need to take a break and that is what I told myself the first month.

Now, here we are 3 months later and still nothing! Is it a true writer’s block or is it just another way I am sabotaging myself once again? And if it is true writer’s block how is that possible. I mean I am writing my own life story here and I have loads of material. Why the hell am I drawing a blank on my own life? It is astounding  to me.

I need help I have taken every kind of break I can take and still, nothing lingers in the recesses of my mind. When does it become clear that instead of writer’s block it is self- sabotage? Or am I just overreacting to a normal process in writing? Like HEMMINGWAY once said in his book GREEN HILLS OF AFRICA!  “That it is better to not write at all than to write slop! That is what I am doing I guess waiting for the next great idea instead of just filling up the pages with crap.

Thanks for letting me rant.



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